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Premium Mailbox

If you have an existing standard mailbox and feel that you need more storage space, you can upgrade to a premium mailbox for £13.50 a year. Premium mailboxes allow for 2GB of storage in comparison to the 400mb that comes as standard with our mailboxes.

Premium mailbox
You choose the size
If you feel that you still need even more space, you can continue to add an extra 2GB to your mailbox (up to 10GB). Each 2GB upgrade costs an extra £13.50 per year.

Most customers choose to upgrade gradually at 2GB each time until they are sure how much space they need. This is something we would recommend rather than guessing and potentially overspending on space you don't need.

The premium mailbox feature is ideal for businesses who receive a large volume of emails on a daily basis or for those who prefer to use webmail rather than an Email program such as Outlook or Thunderbird.

If you already have a mailbox set up with us, you can choose this from the dropdown on our addons page. You will then be able to upgrade your chosen mailbox. If you don't have an existing mailbox, you will need to set up a standard one in order to upgrade it to premium.

How to order

You can find the premium mailbox and other add ons by going to your control panel and clicking 'order add ons'.

Please note, a hosting package with ourselves is required in order to use our premium mailbox.

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