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Email Virus Scanner

A vast amount of viruses are spread via email. We all know how devastating one virus can be to an entire system of networked computers (if you are in an office) or to an individual. The time and cost of rectifying damage caused by a virus can be high and retrieving lost data can be impossible.

Virus scanner
How it works
Your PC / Mac virus scanners that you have at home will only identify and stop the virus once it is already on your system. The email virus scanner that can be purchased with us, stops viruses at the server. This means that they will never reach your computer..
Software updates
Software Updates
The software updates every few hours checking for any brand new viruses that have just been released. The virus scanner is completely up to date which means your domain will always be protected.
Virus scanner add on
£29.97 per year
If you purchase the virus scanner, it will protect one domain of your choice and in turn all email accounts on this domain. The virus scanner costs £29.97 per year, per domain. Just add the virus scanner to your basket when on the add ons page.

How to order

You can find the virus scanner and other add ons by going to your control panel and clicking 'order add ons'.

Please note, the domain and hosting package must be with ourselves in order to use our virus scanner.

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