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How to transfer your .UK domain

Many customers want to transfer a domain name to us but are a little unsure how to do it. Well the good news is it is actually very easy. Simply follow the steps below and you'll be hopping over to us in no time.

NOTE: Any company you are transferring from may charge you a transfer/release fee. This can be anything up to £30. It's their way of saying bye! If it's more than £12 then it's cheaper to go straight to nominet.co.uk and get them to do it for you. To help lighten this unnecessary fee, Squirrel Hosting don't charge for UK domain transfers (nor do we charge should you wish to transfer a domain from us).

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General transfer steps
General Transfer Steps

Contact the company who you registered the domain with and ask them to change the IPStag of the domain to EXTEND. Once complete, search for your domain name using the box above.

Add the domain name to your basket by clicking the tick button next to it. A popup will appear stating you must own this domain in order for it to be transferred, simply click OK to this and continue though the checkout as normal. Put your feet up and grab a cup of tea as we take care of the rest.

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