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Install BBCiPlayer on Raspberry Pi OpenELEC XBMC
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How to Install BBCiPlayer on Raspberry Pi OpenELEC

install bbciplayer on raspberry pi openelec

Since we got our raspberry Pi, we've been having lots of fun overclocking (guide coming soon) and playing music in the office. Imagine our delight when we spotted a group had managed to get BBCiPlayer working on the Raspberry Pi! We searched for instructions on how to do this and although it's relatively simple, none seemed to be out there. Thus another blog post was born - 'how to install BBCiPlayer on a raspberry Pi running OpenELEC'.

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Step 1 : Download the necessary files.

The first thing to do is get yourself the latest copy of BBCiPlayer from this great site http://code.google.com/p/xbmc-iplayerv2/downloads/list

Install BBCIplayer on raspberry pi openelec

Don't extract the zip file - keep it compressed. You then need to copy this to a USB stick. You can copy it to your SD card if you wish but the instructions below are for USB installation.

Step 2 : Install BBCiPlayer on OpenELEC

Boot up your Raspberry Pi, insert your USB stick and click the 'Programs' Menu

Openelec Programs

Next click 'Get More...'

OpenELEC get more

Next we need to navigate to the USB drive. To do this double click the '..' (Go back a directory) link.

Go Back

On your screen it should change from 'Add-ons - Program Add-Ons' to 'Add-ons - All Add-ons'. Double click the '..' Link again.

Go Back

Next Choose 'Install from Zip'

Install BBCiPlayer from zip

On the right hand side choose your USB Device. In this case we were using a standard Sandisk 30GB Cruze Blade which seems to work fine with the Pi.

Select USB BBciPlayer is on

Move your mouse over BBCiPlayer then click 'OK' from the menu at the bottom.

Choose BBCiPlayer

After a few seconds (took about 15 on ours) you should see the BBCiPlayer add-on installed message.

BBC iPlayer Addons

That's it. Your BBCiPlayer should now be installed and ready to use. To open BBCiPlayer, click the 'home' icon in the bottom right to go back to your main screen.

Openelec Home

Step 3 : Using BBCiPlayer on OpenELEC running Raspberry Pi

Move over videos and click 'Add-ons'.


Then click 'iPlayer'. For BBCiPlayer to load you will need a connection to the internet, a UK based IP and of course - a TV licence!

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