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How to edit the simple image slider on Concrete5
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How to edit the simple image slider on Concrete5

The Elemental theme that is installed (optional) with the 5.7 version of Concrete5 looks great and includes many features that are easy to edit. One of these features is the Simple Image Slider at the top of the page. This guide will show you how to easily edit the slideshow.

Step 1

Log in to your newly installed Concrete5 site. The Simple Image Slider will currently look like the below picture.


Step 2

To edit, click on the 'edit this page' icon in the top left corner.


Step 3

The page will change to edit mode and the image slider will say 'image slider disabled in edit mode'.

image slider

Step 4

Click on the slide show block and a box with options will appear. Click on 'edit block'.

edit block concrete5

Step 5

An 'edit image slider' box will appear.

Choose whether you would like to use bullet points or arrows to switch pictures / slides.

bullet points slider

Step 6

To change the current entries / image / s, click on the image.

image change

Step 7

The file manager will appear. Here you can choose from pictures that you have already uploaded or you can upload more here.

To upload an image, click 'upload files' in the top right corner.

upload image

Step 8

Once you click 'upload files', you will be able browse your computer and choose an image. Once you have chosen, an upload progress bar will pop up before your image is fully uploaded.

upload process

Your image should now show up at the top. Click on it and it will appear in the 'edit image slider' box.

Step 9

Next, change the title of your slide and add a description and url (when visitors click on your site, it will take them to this link) if you wish.


Once you have done this click 'save' at the bottom or if you would like to add another entry / slide, click on the 'new entry' button at the top of the box. Click 'save' after you have done this.

image slider change

Step 10

A message will say that the block has been updated successfully. To come out of edit mode, click on the 'exit edit mode' icon at the top of the page.

Next, click 'publish changes'.

publish changers

Your slideshow will now be up and running with your new pictures and text.

image slider changed

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