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How to add a blog post on Concrete5
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How to add a blog post on Concrete5

Version 5.7 of Concrete5 offers an inbuilt blog system with its default Elemental theme. This offers an easy to manage blog without having to implement one on the system yourself. This guide will help you to manage, edit and add posts to your blog.

Step 1

To edit / add pages to the blog, first log in to your Concrete5 5.7 website

To add a blog entry, click on the 'Add pages and navigate your site' icon in the top right corner.

add pages

Step 2

Choose blog entry from the list that appears to the right.

blog entry

Step 3

The Blog entry composer will load. You may also get an information popup on the page saying 'Use the form below to create your page. You can also preview your page in edit mode at any time'.

blog entry add page

Step 4

First of all, you need to create a name for your blog post and type it into the 'entry name' text field. A url slug will be automatically entered for you. You can edit this if you wish.

blog name

Step 5

Next, write a short description of what your blog post will be about.

blog description

Step 6

Under 'page location', you can select a topic from the topic tree or leave this blank (not within a topic). You can change the topic tree in another area of the admin. We will show you how to add / edit topic tree to your requirements at the bottom of this post.

topic tree

Step 7

Next, choose a thumbnail picture for your blog by clicking on 'Choose new file'.


Step 8

Choose a file from your file manager by clicking on it (you will have to upload one if you haven't already done so).

file manager

Your thumbnail should now show on the page.


Step 9

Now you need to fill in the content of your blog. You can include pictures, links etc.

Once you are satisfied, you can publish your blog entry.


Your new blog will automatically load and you will be able to view the finished product.

finished blog

If you go back to your homepage, you should be able to see your latest blog post at the bottom with the thumbnail picture that you uploaded.

How to edit / delete blog entries

You may want to edit or delete your own blog entries or those that came as default with the Elemental theme.

Editing blog posts

Step 1

To edit, navigate to your blog and click on the blog entry that you wish to edit. Now, click 'edit this page' in the top left corner.

edit blog

Step 2

Once you're in edit mode, you can click on any block / area and edit that block. If you like the formatting of the default blogs, this might be a good way to practice doing your first blog post.

Click on a block and click 'edit block'.

edit block

Once you click 'edit block', you can easily delete and add whatever text and images you wish.

Once you've finished editing, click 'save' at the top of the page

save blog

That's it! Your blog is now edited.

Step 3

Click 'exit edit mode' in the top left corner then click 'publish changes'.


Deleting blog posts

Step 1

To delete a blog post, navigate to your blog and click on the blog entry that you wish to delete.

Navigate to the cog in the top left corner and click on it.

delete blog

A page settings page will appear, click on 'delete page' at the bottom.

blog post

Step 2

A box will pop up asking if you are sure, click 'delete' if you are.

delete page

The blog entry will now have been deleted

How to add / edit a topic tree

Step 1

Click on the dashboard icon in the top right corner.


Step 2

Next, select 'pages and themes'.

pages and themes

Now, select 'single pages'.

single pages

Step 3

Scroll down to 'add topic tree' and click on the link.

topic tree

Step 4

Here you can create a topic tree from scratch, add a tree name then click 'add topic tree'.


From here, you can add categories and topics to the tree (as many as you like). Just click on the categories folder and it will allow you to add what you like


Step 5

To edit a topic tree that already exists, go back to 'pages and themes'>'single pages'.


Navigate to 'topics' and click on it.


From here, you can delete an entire topic tree by clicking 'delete topic tree'.

delete topic

It's worth noting that you can also add a topic tree here.

To edit or delete individual topics, click on them and a pop up box will appear with options to edit, clone and delete the topic.

edit topic

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