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How to change the logo on your Concrete5 5.7
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How to change the logo on your Concrete5 5.7

This simple and easy to follow guide will show you how to change the logo on your Concrete5 site (version 5.7).

The below method will work with the default Elemental theme. There are other ways of doing this using the dashboard but we found this was the quickest method.

Step 1

Log in to your Concrete5 website.

log in

Step 2

Navigate to the top left corner and click on the edit icon.


Step 3

Next, click on the block with the logo and click 'edit block'.

edit block

Step 4

You can delete the text that is already present and replace it with your own. However, most people will want to import a pictorial logo.

Delete the current logo. Click the picture icon above the text box.

insert image

An 'insert image' popup box will load, click the search icon.


Step 5

The file manager will now load (you will need to upload your logo to here if you haven't already). Click on your chosen image.

File manager

Step 6

The link for your image will now show in the 'Insert image' pop up box. Click 'insert'.


Step 7

Your image will now load in the editor. Click save.


Your logo will now show at the top of the page.

logo uploaded

Step 8

Click the edit button in the top left corner.


Step 9

Click 'publish changes'.


Step 10

If a pop up box appears stating 'page is pending approval', click 'approve version'.

approve version

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