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How to Install Moodle Snap Theme
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How to Install Moodle Snap Theme : Squirrel Hosting

Snap for moodle is a theme that has been released (currently only on github). It is mobile responsive and a very clean designed theme. The below guide will show you how to install the Snap theme on your moodle site.

Step 1 : Download Snap theme from GitHub

Visit https://github.com/moodlerooms/moodle-theme_snap and download the theme by clicking the "download ZIP" icon.

Download Snap Theme

Once you have downloaded the file, open up the zip and rename the folder 'moodle-theme_snap-master' to 'snap'

rename moodle-theme_snap-master

Log into your moodle admin and click "site administration".

Step 2 : Install Snap onto moodle

site administration

Click 'Plugins'.

Moodle Plugins

Then Install plugins.

Install Plugins

From the 'Plugin Type' dropdown, choose 'Theme (theme)'

Plugin type theme

Click the 'Choose a file' button.

Choose a theme file

In the 'File Picker' popup, choose 'Upload a file'.

Upload a file

You should now see the select file page. Click the 'Choose File' button and select your moodle snap theme zip file you downloaded earlier. Enter Snap into the 'Save as' box (for easy reference later) and click the 'Upload this file' button.

choose the snap theme zip

Once uploaded, it will take you back to the install plugin page. Tick the Acknowledgement then click 'install plugin from the zip file'.

install plugin from the zip file

You should now see a plugin validation passed message. (if you don't, try renaming the zip file itself to snap.zip then repeating the above steps). Then click 'Install Plugin'.

plugin validation passed

If you get an upgrade message, click the 'Upgrade moodle database now' button.

Upgrade moodle database now

Click the continue button on the 'upgrading to new version' page.

Snap theme continue

You should now see the "new settings - Snap" setup page. Fill in any fields you require.

New settings - Snap

Once complete, click the 'Save Changes' button.

Save changes

You should now see your moodle admin homepage. Click 'Appearance' from the menu.

Moodle admin : apperance link

Select 'Themes' then 'Theme Selector'.

Themes>Theme Selector

Click 'Clear theme caches'.

Clear theme caches

When the page reloads, scroll down and choose 'Use Theme' below 'Snap'.

Use snap theme

Thats it, you should now see the 'New theme saved' message and the Snap Moodle theme should now be active.

New theme saved

All that's left to do is customise the theme to use your images etc. Check out http://kb.moodlerooms.com/article/148/administrator for a good guide on how to customise the Snap theme.

Hope this helps. If you're looking to host a moodle website, don't forget to check out our hosting packages for moodle.

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