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Top 10 Quality Social Icons (facebook twitter and more!)
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Top Quality Social Icons (facebook twitter and more!)

Top 25 Social Media Icons

Ok - there are a lot of top 10 and top 100 social media icons lists out on the web but we wanted a nice list of high quality social icons. The social icons listed are ones that we have used on our own projects in the past and we're impressed by their detail and imagination.

So without any further a due, here are our top Social icons

1. Vintage Social Icons

36 free vintage social icons

Download : Here

Icon File Size : 321 KB

Description : These vintage social icons are all 64 x 82 pixels and are clean, crisp and perfect for any vintage style website. We were very impressed with the detail and Polaroid/paper style on each icon.

2. Heart Social Icons

Heart Social Icons

Download : Here

Icon File Size : 243 KB

Description : We love these social icons (cheesy joke but we really do). These icons were designed by Aravind Ajith and are available in 16, 32 and 64 resolutions. Each PNG has a transparent background allowing you to overlay it on to any style background without any issues.

3. Pugolabs bottle top icons

Bottle Top Social Icons

Download : Here

Icon File Size : 2.06 MB

Description : This set contains much more than the usual facebook, twitter and Google+ icons. We have everything in here including credit card icons, browser icons and even operating system icons! These icons are available in 64, 48 and 32 resolution with or without shadows.

3. Dellifeed: A Free Icon Set

Dellifeed A Free Icon Set

Download : Here

Icon File Size : 2.01 MB

Description : With StumpleUpon, Deli, Digg and RSS, this icon set isn't the largest collection but what it lacks in icons, it more than makes up for in attention to detail. The shadows on the lollypop icons in particular are fantastic. The cake icons would be great if you were celebrating your sites anniversary or special event and wanted to encourage users to share the news on social sites.

4. Circular Social Media Icons

Dellifeed A Free Icon Set

Download : Here

Icon File Size : 961 KB

Description : I've lost track of how many times I've seen these style icons on websites when browsing the net. This set by Eli is one of the best button style icons we've seen in a while. The download is only 961kb in size but imagine our surprise when we found a PSD file containing a template for you to create your own icon in the same style! This extra little feature unlocks the potential for you to create as many icons as you need in this circular button style. The icons themselves come in 32, 64 and 128 resolution.

5. Wpzoom Social Icons

wpzoom icons

Download : Here

Icon File Size : 961 KB

Description : Umar Irshad, a designer from Pakistan is who you have to thank for these fantastic icons. He submitted them to wpzoom.com back in April. Over 50 icons are avaliable in 26 and 38px. As with the circular social icons above, you get the PSD file so you can create your own icons.

5. Social Media Beakers

Social Media Beakers

Download : Here

Icon File Size : 7.35 MB

Description : Included in this download is not only the PNG but also the PSD and AI files! Again this allows you to create as many social icons as you like. We particularly like the bubble shading in each beaker.


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