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How to add a forum to Concrete5 5.7 using Vanilla Forums
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How to add a forum to Concrete5 5.7 using Vanilla Forums

One way that you can add a forum to Concrete5 is to integrate Vanilla Forums with your C5 site.

We offer both Concrete5 and Vanilla Forums as 1 click install scripts. You can see how to install these via our blog posts here: How to install Concrete5 and How to install Vanilla Forums

You may have Vanilla Forums and Concrete5 installed on two different hosting packages or on one (using subdomains).

Step 1

To begin, log into both website admins. In Vanilla Forums, scroll down to plugins and click on it.


Step 2

At the top of the plugins, you will see an embed Vanilla Forums plugin, click 'Enable'.


Step 3

Once this is enabled, click on the 'settings' button.


Step 4

Copy the code in the 'Forum embed code' field.

embed code

Step 5

Switch to your Concrete5 admin and click on the'add pages'icon.

add pages

Step 6

Click on 'empty page' at the top.

empty page

Step 7

Click on the cog icon in the top left corner.


Step 8

Fill in the form. When you get to the 'page location' section click on it and choose from the sitemap where you want your forum to be located.

page title

Click 'edit mode'

edit mode

Step 9

Next, click on the '+' button in the top left.


Step 10

Click on the HTML icon and drag it and drag it into the 'empty main area'.


Once you have done this, a pop up box will appear.

html box

Step 11

Paste the code from Vanilla Forums into the box and click 'add'.


Step 12

Your forum will now load.


Step 13

Load up your Concrete5 site / admin. Navigate back to the 'add pages' icon in the top right corner and click on 'Forum'.


Step 14

Click on the 'Exit edit mode' button in the top left corner.

exit edit mode

Step 15

Click 'Publish page'. This is to ensure that all of your edits are saved and officially published.


Step 16

When you click on your 'Forum' section, you should now be able to add discussions etc and will have a working forum.


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