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How to install Woocommerce with Wordpress
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How to install Woocommerce with Wordpress

WooCommerce is an extremely popular free plugin to use with Wordpress. It makes it super easy to sell items on your Wordpress site. Here is a quick guide to show you how to install it.

Step 1

Log in to your Wordpress admin and click on plugins.


Step 2

Next, click 'Add New'.

add new

Step 3

In the search box, type in 'woocommerce' and hit the enter button.


Step 4

The plugin should show as the first result. Click 'install now'.


Step 5

Your plugin will install almost immediately and a new page will load. On this page, click 'Activate Plugin'.


Step 6

Next, you will want to quickly set up your Woocommerce pages. To do this, click 'install Woocommerce pages'.


Step 7

The next step in setting up is to click on the 'settings' button.


Step 8

The settings page has several different tabs and you will want to look through them all properly and pick your preferred settings. Woocommerce themselves do a great comprehensive walkthrough of the settings page that you can see here: Woocommerce settings.

Once you have completed the settings section, you will be ready to go and can start adding products etc.

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