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How to send group messages via webmail
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How to send group messages via webmail

This quick and easy to follow guide will show you how to create groups in your webmail that you can use to send group emails.

Step 1

To begin with, you will need to log into your webmail.

Once you have logged in, navigate to 'contacts' and click on it.


Step 2

Next, click on 'New Group'.

new group

Step 3

A new folder text field will appear. Type the name of your new group in the field.

name of group

Step 4

Now that your group folder has been created, you can add contacts to it.

Simply drag your contacts into the new group folder.

drag contacts

Step 5

Your contacts will now be in the group folder that you created. You can check this by clicking on the folder.

new group

Step 6

To send a group email, click on the arrow next to 'More' and click 'Select All'.

select all

This will highlight the contacts in your group (in the tickbox).

selected group contacts

Step 7

Next, click 'Mail'.


Step 8

A new email template will pop up with your group contacts in it.

new email

You can now send the email to your contacts and you can set up any other groups that you wish to.

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