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How to export a database from phpMyAdmin
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How to export a database from phpMyAdmin

This guide can be used by people who are with Squirrel Hosting and those who aren't. If you are not a customer of ours, scroll down to the area entitled phpMyAdmin and follow the guide from there.

In order to export a database, you will first need to log into your eXtend control panel. To do this, complete the below steps (if you already know how to do this, skip to the 'export database' section):

Log in to your eXtend control panel

Step 1

Log in to your Squirrel Hosting control panel. Navigate to the 'Hosting Management' section and click on 'View / manage your hosting'.

manage hosting

Step 2

Once the page has loaded, click on to te eXtend control panel icon.

extend cp

Export Database

Now that you are logged into your control panel, you will need to complete the following:

Scroll down to the web tools section and click on 'MySQL databases'.


Once the page has loaded, click 'Manage' next to the database that you would like to export.

mysql manage


Your phpMyAdmin interface will load, click your database name on the left hand side.

db php myadmin

Next, click 'export' at the top.


To quickly export a SQL format of your database (uncompressed), make sure that 'Quick' is selected and click 'Go'.

Quick Export

Alternatively, for a compressed version (Zip file), select the custom settings and once you've done this, make sure that all of the tables are selected in the 'tables box'. This will usually be done automatically.

compressed export

From the compression dropdown, choose 'zipped'.


Next, scroll to the bottom and click 'Go'.


Once you have clicked 'Go' using either of these methods, your export will be automatically downloaded to your computer.

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