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Zencart : Set up downloadable attributes tutorial
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Zencart : Set up downloadable attributes tutorial

Zencart set up downloadable products

Zencart has a feature that many users are unaware of or are unsure how to set up - the ability to offer products for download after purchase. Downloadable products are ideal if you wish to offer any file such as a PDF or .zip for sale on your Zencart site. The below guide will take you though the basic steps in setting up a downloadable product on your Zencart site.

In this tutorial we will show you how to set up a product (in this case a PDF document) that can either be downloaded or purchased on CD.

1. Upload your downloadable files

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The first thing you will need to do is upload the files you want your customers to purchase to your zencart's download folder. This directory is protected from unauthorised access so your files should be safe from non-customers eyes!

2. Set up the attributes

In your admin, move over catalog and click Option Name Manager from the drop down.

catalog option name manager

On this page we will now set up an option name. To understand what an option name is and an option value, we will use this example. If you were to sell t-shirts you would have the option name of size, the option values would be size small, medium and large. If you have a product that is available for download or on a cd which would be dispatched on purchase, then your option name would be 'media choice' and the option values would be CD and download.

For the purpose of this tutorial we will add an option value of Media Choice.

In your option name box enter Media Choice.

In the order box enter 1 and make sure dropdown is selected from option type dropdown, then click insert.

Option Name order

Now we will add our option values. Move your mouse over catalog and click option value manager.

zencart Option value manager#

on this page we can enter our option values. We need to add three options, the first will be 'Please select from below', the second will be 'Download' and the third will be 'CD'.

zencart Option Values

To do this, you will need to choose 'Media Choice' from the drop down box (if not already selected), enter 'Please Select from below' in the option value box. Then enter '0' in the order box and click insert.

We will need to repeat the above 2 more times. Each time we increment the order number by 1. So for 'Download' we enter an order of 1, and for CD we enter an order of 2.

3. Adding the attributes to the product

Now we've added the attributes to the Zencart system, we need to add them to our product. move the mouse over catalog and click attribute controller.

Attribute Controller

In the categories box, click the product you wish to add attributes to then click display - in our test site we will alter 'our test item for sale' product.

Select product

Next scroll down the page to the adding new attributes section and click 'Media Choice', then select 'Please select from below' and click the insert button.

Attribute selection

Next we will add the download attribute. Click 'media choice' then click 'Download'. This time we need to provide a bit more information. In the 'Filename' box enter the name of the file you want customers to download.

In the Expiry date, enter how many days you want the link the customer will use to download the file to be valid for.

In the maximum download count, enter how many times the user can download the file then click the insert button.

Zencart Download product

Next we need to add our final attribute 'CD'. Click media choice, then CD, then insert.

Option Value CD

If you want to charge extra for the CD version to cover the costs of the CD etc then in the value field put the price you want to charge extra.

Price Value

Finally we need to disable 'please select from below' from being chosen by the customer. To do this we click the first square 'display only'.

option value display only

After clicking, it should turn yellow.

Display only yellow

That's it. You should now have a product which can either be purchased as a download or as a physical product.

downloadable attributes

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