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How to find out which version of PHP your hosting is using
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How to find out which version of PHP your hosting is using

This is a quick guide to show you how simple it is to find out which PHP version you have.

Step 1

Create a new PHP file in your hosting. You will need to do this within the folder that you wish to find out the PHP version for. So, you can create it straight into your public_html folder. Alternatively, you can create the file within another folder such as 'concrete5' or 'wordpress' or whatever folder you may have on your hosting.

Whichever folder you create it within, is the cms / website etc that you will find out the version of PHP for.

You can call the file whatever you like. Within the file you need to paste the following code:


Step 2

Once you have saved the code, visit the PHP page you have just created e.g example.com/yourfile.php or example.com/foldername/yourfile.php.

Step 3

Once you have loaded the url, you should see something like the below.

website php

You should now know which PHP version you have.

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