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Etsy or Ebay seller? How we can help you get your own store online
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Etsy or Ebay seller? How we can help you get your own store online

So you're an ebay, etsy or / and folksy seller and would like a website but don't know where to begin. Here at Squirrel Hosting, we try to make it as simple as possible to get started on building your online store. We offer a 1 click install system whereby you can quickly install any one of numerous e-commerce software programs in a few easy clicks.

If you sell beautiful, hand crafted items then chances are, you will want an equally beautiful website. Even if you are a novice, this is becoming easier to achieve as many e-commerce and content management systems are very user friendly and offer well designed themes / templates.

We know it can be daunting to transition from purely selling on an online marketplace and that the options can seem overwhelming. Although there are lots of choices out there, we've outlined some of our most popular e-commerce 1 click install scripts to give you an idea of what is available.

Dedicated e-commerce platforms


Prestashop is a very contemporary system boasting clean and aesthetically pleasing templaes as well as an easy to use admin. If you're concerned about your site being mobile responsive, Prestashop comes with a responsive front end and admin straight out of the box. This includes mobile checkout as standard.

Prestashop offers many great features such as analytics, discount codes, loyalty points, shipping modules, reviews and so much more.

The popular Prestashop forum and blog will help you get to grips with your online store if you ever get stuck or need inspiration.

You can view a live demo of Prestashop here.

If you order hosting with us and want to set up a Prestashop store, it's so easy to get started, just scroll and follow the steps in the 'Getting Started' section at the bottom of this page.


(Free Lifestore Theme)


Opencart is another popular e-commerce platform. Like Prestashop, Opencart boasts a wealth of features including multi currency, multi language, product reviews, support for thousands of themes and multi store.

There are plenty of payment gateways included in the default Opencart install with the scope to expand if you require a specific payment solution. Guest checkout is also available to make it quicker and easier for your site visitors to purchase if they wish to.

You can view a demo of Opencart here.

If you would like to try out Opencart for your online store and are interested in using our Opencart 1 click install script, scroll down to the 'Getting Started' section for instructions. Please note that Squirrel Hosting do not support any versions of Opencart that use loopback connections (this is for security reasons).


(Free TG Lite Theme)

Zen Cart

Zencart offers the user a fairly easy way to add and edit products without having to use HTML or any form of coding. Zencart has several built in payment gateways which means that there's no need to install extra plugins if the gateway you require is a default feature.

Features such as discount codes, a shipping estimator, product reviews and newsletter capabilities are also supported.

Zencart has a very active forum where moderators and informed users can assist you if you have any issues.

If you are interested in testing out Zencart to see if it could be the right software for you and want to use our 1 click install script, scroll down to 'Getting Started'.


(Free Winchester Responsive Theme)

CMS systems with e-commerce plugins

There are several CMS systems with e-commerce plugins available, these are just a few suggestions.

Wordpress - woocommerce

Wordpress is a content management system used to build all kinds of websites, not just blogs. Our 1 click install script will get you set up with Wordpress within minutes. You can then install a free e-commerce plugin called Woocommerce onto your Wordpress website. Both Wordpress and Woocommerce are extremely popular and are therefore well supported in terms of documentation and an active forum. There is even a dedicated Woocommerce forum.

Despite Woocommerce being a plugin, it is absolutely packed with features. You can view an helpful overview here.

It is easy to install Woocommerce, just log in to your Wordpress dashboard, click on 'plugins'> 'add new' then type Woocommerce into the search box. Once you have found it, click 'install now'. It's that simple.

You can also view a demo site of Woocommerce here.

If you like the sound of Woocommerce and would like to use our Wordpress 1 click install, scroll to our 'Getting Started' section below.


(Free Storefront Theme)

Concrete5 - ecwid

Concrete5 can be used to create a variety of websites and is available as a 1 click install with Squirrel Hosting. Ecwid is an online store that you can integrate with many CMS systems including Concrete5. Ecwid is free for up to 10 products so is ideal for those only selling a few items.

To get started with Ecwid, all you need to do is create an account and copy and paste code from your Ecwid control panel into your Concrete5 (or other) site. It's very quick and straightforward to set up. You can view a demo of an Ecwid store here to give you a better idea of how it functions.

There is an alternative way to integrate a store with Concrete5. The e-commerce add on by Vivid is available to install as a plugin with Concrete5 and is free. You can view a demo of the Vivid store here.

To install the Vivid addon, just go to your Dashboard in Concrete5 then click 'Extend Concrete5'.

If you would like to use our Concrete5 1 click install script for the base for your store, read our 'Getting Started' steps below.


(Ecwid Demo)

Drupal - Ubercart

Drupal is another very well known content management system and Ubercart is the most popular e-commerce platform for Drupal.

Ubercart has its own forum, is open source and can be further enhanced by Drupal modules and themes. It can be used for physical or digital goods and has the capability for you to sell subscription products / services. You can also use your ubercart store as a members only site.

You can install Ubercart by downloading it from Drupal's website and then going to 'Modules' > 'Install new module' in your Drupal admin. You then upload the Ubercart file that you had previously downloaded.

If you like the sound of Drupal and Ubercart, you can use our 1 click install script to install Drupal. To get set up, follow our 'Getting Started' instructions below.


(Free Fusion Prosper Theme)

Getting Started with your Squirrel Hosting Online Store

  1. Search for and purchase a domain name (if you don't already have one). You can search for a domain here.
  2. Purchase a M, L or XL hosting package with us. L and XL include automatic backups of your website on a daily basis. You can access backups from up to 30 days previous, if you need to restore your site for any reason.
  3. Once you have purchased a hosting package, log into your customer control panel then click on 'manage hosting' and open your eXtend control panel. Once you've accessed your eXtend control panel, scroll down to the 1 click install scripts and then select the CMS that you would like to install. Our 1 click install scripts will install your chosen software within a few moments.
  4. You should be all set up and ready to go. Start customising / editing your website and adding your products.

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