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How to set up a simple wedding / party website
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How to set up a simple wedding / party website

This guide will show you how to easily create a simple website for your wedding / party where:

  • Guests can RSVP
  • Maps of the venue can be included
  • Food / music choices can be submitted
  • Lots of details about the event can be added

This guide will help a total beginner set up a site for their event. Please bear this in mind whilst reading this review. If you require a more advanced set up, this guide may not be for you.

First of all, you need to install Wordpress. If you haven't already done this, there is a guide here that shows you how to install Wordpress on our servers.

From a fresh install of Wordpress, you may want to choose a suitable theme to begin with. You don't have to choose a wedding / party style theme but you can as there are a few available. For the purposes of this blog, we installed SKT wedding Lite.

Installing a theme

To install the SKT wedding Lite theme, hover over 'Appearance' on the left hand side of your dashboard and click 'Themes'. Once you have done this, click the 'Add New' button at the top of the page.

add theme

In the search box on the right, type in 'SKT wedding Lite'. Please note, you can browse the themes and choose another if you require but for the purposes of the guide, we will install and work with this theme.

The theme should now show, hover over it and click the 'Install' button.

install theme

Once installed, you will need to activate the theme by clicking 'Activate'.


Now that your theme has been activated, click 'customise'.


After clicking 'customise', you may notice some links down the side such as 'colours' and 'header image'. Before adding functionality and text to your site, you may want to change the look of it by customising using these links.

If you edit the look of your site and still don't like the visuals, you can easily change to another theme.

Creating a RSVP form with food / music choices

First of all, click on 'plugins' on the left hand side

Next, click add new at the top.

add new plugin

Type in the search box, you can of course search for any form builder and play around with it yourself to see if it's suitable. For the purposes of this demonstration, we are using 'Ninja forms'. Type 'Ninja Forms' within the search box and press enter.

Form Builder

Once the page has loaded, click the 'install now' button.

Ninja Forms

After you have installed the plugin, click 'Activate Plugin'.

Now that you have installed and activated the plugin, a 'Forms' section should appear on the left hand side. Click on this to load it up.


To create a new form, click 'Add New'.

add new form

Below we will demonstrate how to create a RSVP style form for your guests to fill in and submit. Some elements may be useful / relevant to you and some might not. You may wish to use this tutorial as a guide and amend as required so that the form suits your needs.

First of all, click on the 'Textbox' button. This will load up a box. In the text field, type in 'Guest's Name' then click 'save'.

Guest Name

When you click 'save', a box will pop up asking you to input a form name, type in a name, uncheck the 'insert submit button' and click 'save'.


Next, click on the checkbox button and once the form appears for this function, type in the word 'Attending' in the text field and click 'save'.


Next, click on the list button, type in 'Food choice' or similar into the text box and then type in the food choices into the label boxes. To add more food choices, just click the 'Add New' button under the 'List Type' section. After you have filled in the information, click 'save'.


You may wish to repeat the previous steps several times to account for multiple member households.

Next. click on the 'Textarea' button. Type something like 'Music choices / additional information' in the 'Label' section and click 'save'.

Text Area

Lastly, click on the 'Submit' button and click 'save'.

Submit Button

If you now click 'preview' at the top, your form should look similar to the below.

Form Preview

Next, you will need to click on the 'Settings' tab then click 'Add New' and click 'edit menu' next to 'Display'. In this section you are going to assign the form to a page on your site. If you haven't created a page for this form yet, you can do so by hovering over 'pages' in the left menu and clicking 'Add New'.


Next, tick display 'form title' if you wish the title of the form to be displayed and choose from the 'Add form to this page' section, which page you would like the form to display on.

You may wish to tick or untick the bottom two checkboxes depending on your preferences.

Click 'Save' after you have finished.


If you now click on 'preview', you will see that your form now displays on the correct page.

You can now test the form by filling it in and submitting. The submitted form should appear if you click on the 'submissions' button.

submissions button


Adding a map of the venue location

Before adding your map, make sure that you have created a page for it to go on. You can do this by going to 'Pages' > 'Add New'.

As before, you will need to go to the plugins section. From there, click on 'Add New' and type 'WP Google Maps' into the search box. Please note, you can choose any maps plugin that you wish but we will be using 'WP Google Maps' for this guide.

Once you have located the plugin, click 'Install Now'.

google maps

Once the plugin has installed, click 'Activate Plugin' as was done before in the tutorial for installing the RSVP form.

From your dashboard, click on 'Maps' on the left side menu.


Once you have done this, you will see a 'My Maps' section. Underneath 'My First Map', click 'Edit'.

My First Map

Where it says 'Map Name', you may want to change it to something like 'venue location'.

Further down where it says 'Address / GPS', type in your location and then click 'Add Marker'.

add marker

After you have done this, scroll down and delete the marker that was there by default by clicking the cross icon next to it.

Delete Marker

Next, use the 'map alignment' and 'zoom level' to adjust how you would like your map to appear on the page. You can also move the map around with your mouse to get it positioned correctly.

zoom alignment

Click 'save map' at the top of the page.

You will notice that there is a piece of code at the top of the page in the 'short code' field. Copy this (right click > copy).

short code

Once you have copied the code, go to 'pages' and click on 'all pages'.

all pages

Locate the page that you wish to add your map to and click 'edit'.

Map Page

Paste the code into the page with any further information that you would like to add and click 'update'.

venue location

If you visit your website (on the appropriate page), you should now be able to view the map.

map website

Adding Further Information

If you would like to add further information to your website such as hotel details, dress code etc, you can either add text to your current pages via ' Pages' > 'All Pages' > 'Edit' or you can add a whole new page via 'Pages' > 'Add New'.

You should now have a simple and easy to navigate website that you can direct your guests to.

If you need any further help with this, please post your comments below.

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