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Squirrel Hosting's Moodle Plugin Migration Tool
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Squirrel Hosting's Moodle Plugin Migration Tool

Squirrel Hosting's Moodle Plugin Migration Tool

This script has been created to assist you in upgrading moodle to the next version. It provides a list of the plugins that you have installed on your moodle site (the plugins that do not come with moodle by default) and the folders where the plugin's data is stored. This should assist you in working out which folders you need to copy across to the new version of moodle.

It also has the ability to copy all of the moodle plugin folders to a backup folder called "SHbackup" whilst keeping the directory structure. In theory, you can then move the contents of your SHbackup folder into the upgraded version of moodle.

Please note, this is the first version of this script so it may contain bugs or errors. With this in mind, always make sure that you have backed up your moodle site + database and test it first on a clone of your site.

As always, we suggest manually checking plugin directories are correct and that none have been missed.

How to use?

1. First, backup your site and database.
2. Upload the sh-moodle-plugin-tool.php and sh-create.php to your moodle directory (the same place as your config.php).
3. Open sh-moodle-plugin-tool.php in your browser.
4. You should see a list of all the plugins you have added to your moodle site plus the corresponding folders.
5. Click the 'create copy' link next to each plugin to make a copy of the plugin's files and folders. They will be copied to a folder called SHbackup. It will also create the folders recursively (so it will also create any folder before the plugin but not its contents).
6. Move the contents of the SHbackup folder (not the SHBackup folder itself) to your new moodle install / upgrade moodle install.

IMPORTANT : Read before downloading

  • These php downloads / scripts are distributed in the hope that it will help you when upgrading moodle. It comes WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
  • Do not leave this file on your hosting as it WILL be a security risk. Use it only to collect the required information and backup the plugin folders. You can rename the sh-moodle-plugin-tool.php to anything you like (e.g. dsflkj37f.php) and it will still function which will add some security through obscurity. In time, we will work to add security in future releases but as of now, treat this script as open to all exploits.
  • Do not copy it to your new moodle install.
  • These files were created to function on Squirrel Hosting's linux platform. It may work on other linux hosting packages with other providers but again you use this at your own risk.
  • Please make sure you have made a backup of your moodle site and its database before proceeding.
  • These scripts / php files are designed to help you when upgrading moodle. We can not guarantee everything will be correct or even if it will work so always check everything manually.
  • Test first on a copy of your moodle site (e.g. a non live version).


By clicking the download above, you agree that you have read all the above and understand Squirrel Hosting is not responsible for any damages it may cause to your moodle site or hosting platform.

This tool is version version: 1.0
Package contains: sh-moodle-plugin-tool.php
Development stage: Beta
Download name: MPMT1-0.zip
Compatable with versions: 3.0.2 (may work with other versions)
Download link: MPMT1-0.zip
(Please do not link to this download directly if sharing as it will change name per version. Instead link to https://www.squirrelhosting.co.uk/hosting-blog/hosting-blog-info.php?id=139)

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