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Google Chrome Browser: New SSL Rules
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Google Chrome Browser: New SSL Rules

Google are now penalising sites without SSLs more harshly by labelling them as insecure. This occurs when users are browsing the net via the Chrome browser. A warning will appear in the address bar of certain sites that do not have a SSL certificate.

For the moment, this will only affect sites that have password fields and card payment forms. This basically means that if your website collects passwords or credit / payment card details but does not have a SSL certificate, Chrome will mark the website as not secure.

These 'not secure' warnings will eventually affect all non SSL sites whether they take passwords / credit card payments or not and in the future will include a red warning triangle to further emphasise the point.

Secure sites currently show a green padlock with the name of the company next to it or the word 'Secure' in the address bar.

Google announced last year that the changes are due to be implemented this month.

This follows previous efforts by Google to ensure that more websites use SSL. Google has been classing encryption as a ranking factor for a couple of years now and sites with a SSL should perform better in search results.

This is all a push to make users more aware of which sites do not use encryption and in turn will provide more protection for users.

A result of the new changes could be that users are put off by sites that are marked as 'Not Secure' and will not sign up to or buy from these websites.

To ensure that your website shows up as a secure, encrypted site, you will need to purchase a SSL. Squirrel Hosting customers can buy a SSL certificate by going to their control panel and clicking 'Order Addons'. Our SSL prices begin at £69.67 a year.

You can find out more about the SSL certificates we offer here:

Our SSL certificates are provided by GlobalSign.

For more information regarding the new changes:

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