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What is hosting? A nice easy to understand explanation.
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What is hosting? A nice easy to understand explanation.

What is hosting

What is hosting? A real world comparison.

We often get visitors who are unsure how exactly hosting works. They know it's needed for their website but get confused when companies start using terms such as bandwidth and webspace. At Squirrel hosting we don't like our potential customers being confused so we decided to create a real world comparison for you to look at! The above image is explained below and should help anyone who is unsure what all of the terms mean!

Website = Your property


Your website in this analogy is portrayed as a house. As with your website, your house should have good foundations and be built with high quality materials. In website terms the bricks and mortar would be the coding (e.g. HTML, CSS). As with any building it should conform with regulations to ensure it is built correctly. With a website we have what's called W3C compliance. If your website is built correctly you will pass W3C compliance.

Webspace = Your plot of land


In order for you to have your website you will need to rent a plot of land (webspace). This land is measured not in feet or meters but in megabytes and gigabytes (1000MB in a 1GB). The more gigabytes of land you have, the bigger your house can be. As you add more pages to your website you will start to fill up your webspace and will need to purchase more land.

Domain name = Your house address


A domain name such as www.your-company.co.uk is the online equivalent of your property address. If you wanted to visit your nearest supermarket you would look up the address and drive to it, online you look up the domain name and type it into your browser (e.g. internet explorer) address bar.

Bandwidth = Your drive


Bandwidth is perhaps the most confusing term used and one that often costs those who are unsure about what it is the most money.

Basically bandwidth is just like the drive to your property, in order for people to visit your website they need to have a direct route to it. As with your drive at home only so many people can fit up and down it. The wider your drive (or the more bandwidth you have) the more people you can accommodate on your property.

Bandwidth is measured in Megabytes and Gigabytes and usually on a monthly basis. When you reach your bandwidth limit the road to your website is closed and not opened until your next allowance starts. On average most websites will use no more than 1Gb of bandwidth a month, our basic package 1 nut comes with 6Gb.

Be wary of any company offering really low bandwidth as many will not close your road when you reach the limit and will instead charge you per MB of traffic you use! At the same time, also be wary of any company offering unlimited bandwidth as this is technically impossible - always read the small print.

E-mail = Your post box / letters

Mail Box

E-mail is a nice and easy one to understand. Its real life equivalent is actually virtually identical.

When you send an e-mail, you place your e-mail in your mailbox (post box). It is then sent to the recipient who will receive it in their mailbox ready for them to read.

For each e-mail address you will need a new mail box. Our basic 1 Nut package comes with 6000 mailboxes.

Your e-mail address is linked to your domain name. This means it can be anything@your-domain-name.co.uk. For example John@example-business.co.uk

Hosting round up

That's it, when you combine all of the above you get hosting! It's also worth noting that with Squirrel Hosting, should you ever need more webspace or mail boxes then you can always upgrade your account easily via the admin area.

To purchase hosting or to see what we can offer, take a look at your web hosting page.

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