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Installing Concrete5 : Simple step by step guide : Squirrel Hosting
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Installing Concrete5 : A simple step by step guide

How to install Concrete5 on your hosting account.

Installing Concrete5 onto your hosting can be a little tricky if you're new to hosting and how it works. We know you'd rather be spending time editing your new site than messing about uploading and downloading files to install Concrete5. That's why at Squirrel Hosting we've got a nifty little control panel that will do all the hard work for you in 1 click. Simply follow the below guide and you'll have Concrete5 installed for you in 1 click! If you don't have hosting already for your site, check out our Concrete5 Hosting page.

Step 1 : Log into your eXtend Control Panel

The first step is to log into your Squirrel Hosting account and select 'manage web hosting' from the menu on the left. Once the page has loaded, select 'load eXtend panel' next to the domain name you want to install Drupal on to.

Step 2 : Run the Concrete5 install program

Click the Concrete5 icon to load up the Concrete5 install.

Click Concrete5 Icon

In the installation Directory box, enter where you would like Croncrete5 to be installed. If you don't intend to run concrete5 from a sub folder e.g. yoursite.com/concrete5 then you can leave this box blank. Then click 'Install' to continue to the next step.

Install concrete 5

You should now see an installing process bar on your screen. Our system is now installing all the necessary files and setting up all required databases to get Concrete5 up and running.

Installing Concrete5

Once this has finished, you should see a Installation Complete page.

Install complete

You should see the address you installed Concrete5 to below the 'installation complete message'. Click this to continue to the 'Install concrete5' page. On this page should be a list of requirements such as PHP version, MySQL Available etc. These should all have ticks next to them. Click the 'Continue to installation' button.

Install Concrete 5 Step 1

On the next step you will need to fill in the following:

  • Name Your Site : Enter a name for your site
  • E-mail Address : Enter your e-mail address. This will be used when you log in to your admin.
  • Password : Enter your desired password
  • Confirm Password : Enter your desired password again.

Leave 'Sample Content with Blog' ticked and click the 'Install concrete5' button.

Step 2

You will see an install concrete5 progress bar setting up various admin and page features.

Install concrete5 progress bar

Once complete you should see a message stating something like. "Congratulations. concrete5 has been installed. You have been logged in as admin with the password you chose. If you wish to change this password, you may do so from the users area of the dashboard." That's it! Simply click the 'continue to your site' button to start creating/editing your new Concrete5 site.


We hope you enjoy your new Site and if you have any issues installing Concrete5 on our hosting, please contact us and we'll happily try our best to help.

Did this guide help you? Spot something we've missed? Drop a message below in our comments and let us know.

Fast Concrete5 Hosting

This Concrete5 1 click install facility and many others are all available on any of our shared hosting services.

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