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How to install CMS Made Simple
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How to install CMS Made Simple

CMS MAde Simple Install Guide

CMS Made Simple is a great content management system that we have used many times over the years for various projects. Its variety of modules, ease of use and quick load times are something that has always attracted us over other CMS systems like droopal and wordpress. In this 'how to' guide we will show you how to install CMS Made Simple using our 1 click hosting feature.

Step 1 : Log into your eXtend Control Panel

First step is to log into your Squirrel Hosting account and select manage web hosting from the menu on the left. Once the page has loaded select 'load control panel' next to the domain name you want to install Zencart in.

Step 2 : Installing the script

The Long way : Usually to install the CMS Made simple you would need to create a database, set up a username and password, download the software, upload it via FTP, chmod the file permissions and after the install - delete the install folder.

Squirrel Hosting way : Click a button and this is all done for you via our 1 click system! We think this keeps the simple in cms made simple! This is the way we will show you below.

Under CGI Scripts click the CMS Made Simple Icon

Click CMS Made Simple

On the next page it will ask you where you want to install CMS Made Simple to. If you want CMS Made Simple to run off the root of your website e.g. www.yourdomain.co.uk then leave this box blank. If you want to run CMS Made Simple from a directory e.g. www.yourdomain.co.uk/shop then enter this in the box e.g. shop. Then you simply click install. (Please note CMS Made Simple can only be installed in a empty directory, if you have uploaded files into your public_html folder or install directory then you will need to remove these).

CMS Made Simple Installing

Once the install has completed you will be provided with two addresses. Click the first address which will take you to your CMS Made Simple install page.

Step 3 : Running the : CMS Made Simple Online Setup

When visiting your site or the directory you installed CMS made simple to, you will see the 'Install/Upgrade System' page. Select the language you want from the drop down (for English choose en_US), then click submit.

thanks for choosing CMS made Simple

On the next page you will see the checksum test section, you can ignore this and simply click continue to move onto the next install stage.

CMS Install system Checksum Page

You should now be presented with the 'Checking permissions and PHP settings' page. On this page you should see all green ticks, this indicates everything is set up correctly. Click the continue button for the next stage.

Checking permissions and PHP settings

You will now see the 'Test File Creation Mask' page. Click the test button to make sure everything works.

Test File Creation Mask

The page should refresh and a green tick will appear to show everything is ok. Click the Submit button to continue.

Test File Creation Mask pass

You will now be presented with the 'Admin Account Information' page. You will need to fill in the following information;

  • Username : What username you would like to access the CMS Made Simple admin area with.
  • E-mail Address : Your e-mail address. If you forget your CMS Mase Simple login details you can request them to be sent to this address so make sure it's correct.
  • Salt Admin Passwords : Leave this ticked.
  • Password : Enter the password you would like for your admin.
  • Password (again) : Enter the same password as above again here.
  • E-Mail Account Information : Tick this button to have the details e-mailed to you.

admin account information

When you have finished click the 'continue' button.

Step 5 should now load. You will need to tell CMS Made Simple what you want to call your site, enter this in the 'site name' box.

Site Name

Everything else on this page you can leave as it is. Our 1 Click system will fill in all the database details for you. Click the Continue button to move to step 6.

Step 6 will start by adding a lot of information to the database followed by a green success bar.

Now let's continue to setup your configuration file

Once this has finished and the bar is displayed (pictured above) click the continue button.

Step 6 Continue

You will now be taken to step 7 where you are informed everything has installed fine. Congratulations you have now installed CMS Made Simple.

Congratulations you have now installed CMS Made Simple

To go to your admin panel simply click the 'go to the Admin Panel' button.

That's it, you can now log in to your admin and start adding content to your site, changing the layout etc.

If you're not with us for CMS Made Simple hosting and would like to join us and use our 1 click install system, then why not take a look at our web hosting packages? Our prices start from only £3.95 per month and include CMS Made Simple plus many many more other 1 click installs for free!

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