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How to install TYPO3 : Simple to follow guide
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How to install TYPO3 on your server

typo3 Install Guide

TYPO3 is an Open Source CMS used around the world to manage a variety of websites. The below guide will take you though the steps of installing TYPO3 on to your hosting account using our 1 click install system. If you don't already have hosting, why not check out our UK web hosting packages?

Step 1 : Log into the eXtend Control Panel

The first step is to log into your Squirrel Hosting account and select 'manage web hosting' from the menu on the left. Then select 'load eXtend panel' next to the domain name you want to install TYPO3 on to.

Run the TYPO3 1 click install script

Click the TYPO3 icon.

TYPO3 install icon

Next you need to specify where you want TYPO3 installing. If you want to install it in a sub-folder e.g yoursite.com/typo3, then type the name of the folder in the Installation Directory box. If you want to install TYPO3 in your root folder e.g. yoursite.com, then leave this blank. Click 'install' to continue.

Install Typo3

You should now see a "typo3 is now being installed" message. Our 1 Click install system will now copy all the necessary files and set up all required databases to run TYPO3 for you.

TYPO3 is now being installed

Once complete, you should see an 'Installation Complete' page with two links to your website. Click the location you specified in step one to continue e.g. yoursite.com (this is usually the first link).

install complete

You should then be taken to your website's TYPO3 install page and be given information regarding a 'getting started' tutorial. Click the 'contiune with the install' link.

Continue with install

You will now be taken to step 1 of the install. Click the 'continue' button.

Install typo 4.7

Next, you will see the TYPO3 MySQL database page. All the details will be filled in, click 'continue'.

click continue

Choose 'select an EMPTY existing database' and click 'continue'.

select empty database

Leave Default TYPO3 Tables selected and click 'import database'.

Import the Database Tables

Finally click 'click to delete the typo3/install directory then redirect to the login page'

Click to delete the typo3/install directory then redirect to the login page.

You will be sent to your TYPO3 site. You can now log in with the default username and password (admin/password).

Login to the TYPO3 CMS Backend on New TYPO3 site

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