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How to set up your e-mail in Thunderbird
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How to set up your e-mail in Thunderbird

The following guide will explain how to set up your Squirrel Hosting e-mail to work with Mozilla's Thunderbird. If you don't have Thunderbird or know what it is, check out their website here. This Guide is broken up into two sections:

1. Setting up a mail account.

2. Checking your settings are correct on an account that's already set up.

Thunderbird: Setting up a mail account

If no mail accounts are set up, you should see two options -'View settings for this account' and 'Create a new account'. Click the 'Create a new account' link.

Create a new account

In the popup box, click the 'Skip this and use my existing e-mail'.

Skip this step

Next, enter your name, e-mail address (this address should have been set up in your eXtend control panel) and the e-mail address password in the boxes. Click continue.

Mail account

Thunderbird will now try and find the connection settings for you.

Mozilla Lookup

Once this has completed, you will see a box. Tick IMAP or POP and click the 'Manual config' Button.

Manual Config

The box will refresh and give you the option to change various settings. Make sure the following is filled in/selected correctly.

Select IMAP or POP3 from the incoming mail drop down box.
In the server hostname boxes, enter mail.yourdomain.co.uk (replace yourdomain.co.uk with your domain name)
In the user name box, enter your full e-mail address
In the port boxes, enter 143 as your incoming port and 587 as your outgoing port.
Make sure all SSL drop down boxes show 'None'.
Make sure the Authentication boxes show 'Normal Password '.

Click the 'Done' button.

More settings

You may then get a security warning. Tick 'I understand the risks' and then click done.

security warning

That's it, your new e-mail is now set up and ready to use.

Thunderbird: altering a current setup.

If you already have e-mail set up and you want to update the settings to match ours, then the below guide is what you need. This can be ideal if you have just moved to us and want to keep all of the current e-mails you have stored in Thunderbird

right click settings

You should now see the general settings page like below.

Make sure the e-mail address box contains your full e-mail address.
Make sure the outgoing server SMTP shows your e-mail address. If not, choose it from the drop down list.

Once you have changed these click 'server settings' on the left.

General settings

In your server settings, make sure

1) Your server name is mail.yourdomain.co.uk (replace yourdomain.co.uk with your domain name).
2) User name is your full e-mail address.
3) Port number is 143.
4) Connection security is set as 'None'.
5) Authentication method is set as 'Password, transmitted insecurely'.

Once these have been checked, click Outgoing Server (SMTP).

Server Settings

Under the Outgoing Server (SMTP) Settings, you should see your outgoing server listed (usually as your e-mail address). Click this then click the edit button.

smtp settings

In the popup box, make sure that:

1) Server name is mail.yourdomain.co.uk (replace yourdomain.co.uk with your domain name).
2) Set the port as 587.
3) Connection Security is set to 'None'.
4) Authentication method is 'password, transmitted insecurely'.
5) Username is your e-mail address.
6) You can also specify a description if you like. We suggest entering your e-mail address as the description.

SMTP Server

That's it, keep clicking OK until you get back to the main Thunderbird screen.

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