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How to install Joomla 3.0 onto a server
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How to install Joomla 3.0 onto a server

how to install joomla 3.0

The below guide will show you how to install Joomla 3.0 on our hosting package. If you don't have a hosting account with us check out our Joomla hosting packages.

Step 1 : Log into the eXtend Control Panel

The first step is to log into your Squirrel Hosting account and select 'manage web hosting' from the menu on the left. Then select 'load eXtend panel' next to the domain name you want to install Joomla on to.

Step 2 : Choose your Joomla version and set up the necessary files/databases

On Squirrel Hosting we try to provide as many versions of Joomla as possible which are stable and secure. At the point of writing this article we have version Joomla 3.0 and Joomla 2.5.

Choose the version you want to install and click the corresponding icon.

Choose Joomla Version

In this guide we will install Joomla CMS 3.0. After clicking the icon you should see the Joomla CMS installation page. On this page you will need to specify where you want Joomla installing to. In the "Installation Directory" you need to either:

  1. Enter the folder you would like to install Joomla to.
  2. Leave blank to install Joomla in your root folder. To load your Joomla site you will need to simply type your website address e.g. www.yourdomain.com.

Install Joomla

Then click the install now button. You should see a page with a progress bar for a few seconds then be greeted with a Joomla Installation Complete page.

Joomla Installation Complete

This has now uploaded all the necessary files to run the Joomla setup and will also set up the necessary database with 1 click! Impressive eh?

You should now see two links under the wording "Your CGI Script has been installed to:-", click the first link to load up your Joomla! 'Main Configuration' page.

Step 3 : Set up your Joomla Site

You should now see the Joomla! Main Configuration page. On this page you will need to fill in/select the following;

  • Select Language : Choose your preferred language e.g. English (United Kingdom)
  • Site Name : Enter your website name
  • Description : Enter a short description of your website
  • Admin E-mail : Enter your e-mail address in here.
  • Admin Username : Enter your desired username in here
  • Admin Password : Enter your desired password in here
  • Confirm Admin Password : Enter your desired password again.
  • Site Offline : Leave this as no

Then click the next button in the top right.

Main Joomla Configuration

You should now see the 'Database Configuration' page. Our 1 click installer will have filled this all in for you! Simply click the next button to continue with the Joomla Install.

Joomla Next button

On the next page, click 'install' in the top right.

Install Joomla

You will now see a Joomla Install progress bar which will set everything up for you.

Joomla Install progress bar

You will now see a Joomla install complete page. Click the link to delete the install file.

Congratulations joomla is now installed

Once it has deleted the installation directory, you will be redirected to your sites admin login page. Simply log in to start editing your website!

Joomla Login

That's it! Enjoy your Joomla site. If this guide has been helpful, please let us know below.

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