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How to Install RasPlex using Windows (Raspberry Pi)
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How to Install RasPlex using Windows

how to install RasPlex in windows

RasPlex is a fantastic new alternative to OpenElec which we've just got our hands on. They recently just launched their site at rasplex.com which contains a lot of useful information. They are working on a windows installer but for the mean time you can use the below guide to install it.

How to install RasPlex using windows.

Download RasPlex files

In order to set up your SD Card with RasPlex you will need download the following files:

1) RasPlex Image file at Sourcefourge here.
2) Win32 Disk Imager which will allow you to write the RasPlex image to your SD card.
3) A program capable of extracting .gz files such as WinRar

Install RasPlex to your SD Card

Extract the RasPlex image file from the compressed download and run the install for Win32 Disk Imager. Once both of these are done, open up the Disk Imager and click the "select an image" button.

Select your RasPlex Image

Next, find your RasPlex image on your system then select it (left click once) and click the open button.

Intall RasPlex image

Select your SD card drive from the drop down box on the right. Make sure you get this correct as it will erase any drive selected before installing RasPlex on it!

Select SD Card

Next, click the Write button.

write rasplex image

You may get a message asking you to confirm the write. Double check you have the right drive then click yes.

Confirm Write

You should now see the program write the image to your SD Card.

Writing SD card Rasplex

Once complete, click the ok button.

RasPlex Image write complete

Final step is to pop the SD card into Raspberry Pi and enjoy Rasplex.

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