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LimeSurvey : How to install Lime Survey on a server
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How to install Lime Survey on a server

How to install Lime Survey

How to install Limesurvey

Limesurvery is a great marketing tool which allows you to set up a survey for your customers to collect useful information. The below guide will show you how to install limesurvey on our servers using our free 1 Click install system.

To install Lime Survey, you will need a hosting package and a domain name. If you don't have these, we suggest purchasing our 1 Nut Linux Hosting package here.

Install Lime Survey Step 1 : Log into your account

Visit our website www.squirrelhosting.co.uk and click the control panel icon in the top right, then log in with your username and password. Once logged in, click manage web hosting then click 'load eXtend control panel' next to the domain name you want to install Limesurvey on to.

Install Lime Survey Step 2 : Install via eXtend

You should now be in your eXtend control panel. Scroll down to the Lime Survey icon and click it.

Lime Survey Install icon

On the next page you will see a box called "Installation Directory:". This box is asking where you would like to install Lime Survey to. For example, if you want your Lime Survey to be installed into a sub folder on your domain (www.yourdomainname.co.uk/survey), you would enter the name of this folder here (survey). If you would like the survey software to be installed in the root of your domain (so when someone types in yourdomain.co.uk it comes up), leave this blank.

Once you have made your decision, click the 'install now' button.

install Limesurvey

You will see an installing files message followed by an installation complete page. All the necessary files and databases have now been automatically set up for you in 1 click!

install complete

Underneeth the "Your CGI Script has been installed to:-" will be a link to where you have just installed Limesurvey to. Click this link to take you to the Limesurvey setup page where we can set up the Lime Survey system.

Step 3 : run the LimeSurvey online install

You will see a page informing you "A database has been automatically created and configured for you.". It will also include a username and password. Write these down as you will need them later.

TIP: The username and password is CaSe SeNsItIvE

Once you have wrote down your Lime Survey login details click "Populate database".

Populate database Lime Survey

On the next page, it will create the tables for your database. Once complete, click the "Main admin screen" button.

Main Admin Screen

That's it! You should now be presented with your Lime Survey admin login screen. Simply log in with the details you wrote down earlier to start creating your surveys. Make note of your URL (usually www.yourdomainname.co.uk/admin) as you will need to type this in to access your admin in the future.

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