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How to install phpBB 3.0.11
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How to install phpBB 3.0.11

phpbb install guide

phpBB is one of the most popular forum softwares available. It is a free, open source platform with a wide range of features.

Squirrel Hosting offer an easy 1 click install for phpBB with all of our hosting packages. To get started, you can follow our easy, step by step guide below.

Important Information

Our 1 click install software will only install to an empty directory. If your hosting account is new, make sure you have removed the default index.html. Failure to install in an empty directory will result in a blank page once you have attempted to run the install.

Step 1 Log in to eXtend

Log in to your eXtend control panel. For your username and password as well as details on how to do this, check your welcome email. You can also access your eXtend control panel via your customer control panel under 'manage your hosting'.

Step 2 Run the phpbb3 1 click install

Once logged in, click the phpbb3 icon.

How to install phpbb3

After you have clicked the phpBB3 forum icon, you will reach a page entitled 'choose an installation directory'. On this page, you will have to decide whether you would like phpBB3 installed to your root domain (www.example.com) or within a folder (www.example.com/forums). Once you have decided which is right for you, click the 'install now' button.

Run phpb33 install

Our 1 click install software will now create a database for you and install all files needed onto your server. A page will then load saying 'Installation Complete'. Below this there will be links listed in the form of your url. You will need to click one of these links to move on to the next step.

Step 3 Run phpBB3 online setup

A phpBB interface will load with an 'Introduction Page'. This page explains that this is an installation sysyem that will guide you through the installation of phpBB3. To continue, click the 'install' tab.

phpbb3 introduction page

A 'Welcome to Installation' page will appear. On this page, it states that you will need to know your database settings. However, the 1 click install software will do this for you. To continue with your install, click 'proceed to next step'.

Welcome to installation page

Next, an installation compatability page will load and you will be able to review the result of checks completed by phpBB on your files and server configuration. This should all work fine as you :

  • will be running the latest version of php
  • will pass the mbstring extension test
  • will have a server that supports at least one compatible database within PHP
  • will have some optional modules installed
  • will already have essential files and directories created on the server
  • will already have optional files created on the server

You will now need to click 'start install'.

Installation compatibility

After this, a 'Database Configuration' page will load. As previously mentioned, all of your database settings will have been automatically input into the form. All you need to do is click 'proceed to the next step'.

Database Configuration

A database connection page will load. It will test your database connection and you will get a message saying 'successful connection'. Click 'proceed to the next step'.

phpbb3 database connection

An administrator configuration page will appear. Here you will need to fill in a form with:

  • Administator username (between 3 and 20 characters)
  • Administrator password (between 6 and 30 characters)
  • Confirmation of administrator password
  • Contact e-mail address
  • Confirmation of contact e-mail address

You will then need to click the 'proceed to next step' button.

Adinistrator details

A screen will then flash up saying 'administrator details' again but this time it will have checked your administrator settings and will say 'tests passed'. You will then need to click 'proceed to next step' again.

A configuration file page will load, it will say:

The configuration file has been written. You may now proceed to the next step of the installation.

You will then need to click 'proceed to the next step'.

Configuration file

An advanced settings page will load.

You will need to complete the following:

  • choose whether you wish to enable or disable board wide emails
  • click no for 'use SMTP server for email'. You can now skip the 'email settings' section and go to 'server url' settings. If you have an email address setup on your server, you can use SMTP. See our welcome email for settings and fill in accordingly.
  • click 'disabled' for the cookie secure section unless you have a SSL server in which case, you can set it as 'enabled' if you wish.
  • check no for 'force server url settings'.
  • leave server protocol as it is unless you wish to change it.
  • leave domain name as it is.
  • leave server port as it is.
  • leave script path as it is.

Click 'proceed to next step'.

Advanced Settings

The 'database tables' page will load. It will state that:

The database tables used by phpBB 3.0 have been created and populated with some initial data. Proceed to the next screen to finish installing phpBB.

Click 'proceed to next step'.

Database Tables

The final stage page will load meaning that you have successfully installed phpBB 3.0.11. You can now log in with your admin details.

Installation Successful

If you have found this guide useful, please feel free to leave your comments below.

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