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How to move a blog from Wordpress.com to your own hosting
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How to move a blog from Wordpress.com to your own hosting

How to Move from wordpress.com to self hosted

Our guide on how to move a Wordpress blog from Wordpress.com to your own hosting/domain.

Step 1 : Backup your current wordpress blog.

Log into your wordpress.com account and click the link to load your blog admin up.

Wordpress.com blog admin

Next, click the Tools link in the menu on the left then click the Export link.

Export wordpress.com website

Next, click the 'Export' Link.

export Wordpress.com xml file

Tick 'All content' (this will contain all of your posts, pages, comments, custom fields, terms, navigation menus and custom posts) radio button then click 'Download Export File'. It will ask you to save a file to your computer. Make sure you remember where you save this to as you will need it later.

This will contain all of your posts, pages, comments, custom fields, terms, navigation menus and custom posts.

Step 2 : Purchase hosting and domain name

If you haven't done so already, visit our Wordpress hosting page and purchase some web hosting (our 1 Nut linux is fine for a Wordpress website). If you have been using yoursite.wordpress.com instead of yoursite.co.uk then now is a good time to switch to a domain that you own (instead of using wordpress.com's). Visit http://squirrelhosting.co.uk/domain-names/uk-domain-registration.php and search for a domain you like.

If you already have a domain name that you are using with wordpress then use option 2 on this page to order hosting with a domain reference.

Step 3 : Install wordpress on your new web hosting

Once you have your hosting and domain name set up, follow our how to install wordpress guide. This will install wordpress for you in a few clicks. If you are not using us for hosting, you will need to download Wordpress manually, upload it via FTP and set up a database.

Log in to your new Wordpress website (on the new hosting) and move over the 'Tools' section on the left then click the 'Import' link. If you choose option 2 in step 2, you will need to use your temporary address to access your wordpress admin. See your hosting welcome e-mail for details.

Wordpress import tools

You can now see the list of sources you can import material from. Click the 'Wordpress' Link.

wordpress import

A popup will ask you to install the Wordpress Importer. Click the orange 'Install Now' link in the top right.

WordPress Importer

Once installed you should see 'Successfully installed the plugin WordPress Importer'. Click the 'Activate Plugin & Run Importer' link.

Activate Plugin & Run Importer

Click the 'Choose File' button and select the Wordpress backup file you downloaded in step 1. Then click the 'Upload file and import'.

WordPress import xml file to self hosted site

You will now see the Assign Authors section. Wordpress asks you if you would like to:

  • import the author of the posts from your previous website
  • create a new author
  • use an exisiting author

This is up to you but no matter which you choose, make sure 'Download and import file attachments' is ticked. When ready, click the submit button.

Import wordpress

You should now see an 'All done Have fun' page.

all done

All of your posts are now copied over. All that's left for you to do is apply the theme (Appearance > Themes) and your blog is up and running, self hosted!

If you had a domain name with wordpress.com then all that's left is to transfer it into your Squirrel Hosting account. To do this simply follow the instructions on http://en.support.wordpress.com/domains/transfer-domain-registration/

If you have any issues please let us know either via support ticket (if you a Squirrel Hosting customer) or via the comments below.

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