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How to install ZenPhoto Guide : Photo hosting
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How to install ZenPhoto Guide

How to install zenphoto

Zen Photo is a great little script which allows you to upload your photos to your own webspace. It's fast and easy to install using our 1 click install system. Simply follow the below guide and you will be sharing your holiday pictures with friends and family in minutes.

Step 1 : Load your eXtend control panel.

In your welcome e-mail you will have received instructions on how to do this. Once logged in, click the Zen Photo icon.

Zen Photo

Next, enter where you would like to install ZenPhoto to. If you would like to install it into a sub folder on your domain e.g. yoursite.co.uk/photos then enter the name of the folder in the installation directory box. Otherwise, simply leave this blank. When you are ready, click the install button.

Install zen photo

Our system will now set up a database and upload and configure all the files for you! Once complete, click the link to your website to continue.

install link

Step 2 : Set up ZenPhoto

Now we have all the files and the database set up, we need to configure them to your desired settings.

You should see a ZenPhoto setup page. Scroll down and click the 'Make setup create the file' button.

make setup create htaccess file

Scroll to the bottom and click 'Go'

go zenphoto button

ZenPhoto will now set up all the necessary tables for your photo database. You will see a series of green ticks appear. Once complete, a 'Delete setup files' button will appear, click this.

Delete setup files zen photo

You will see a 'Setup files deleted' message. Click the 'set your admin user and password' link.

You need to set your admin user and password

Click the 'I agree to these terms and conditions ' button.

I agree to these terms and conditions

Enter the following details:

New User : Enter your desired username.
Password : Enter your desired password.
Challenge Phrase : In case you forget your password, you will be asked a question. Type what you like here.
Challenge Response : This is the answer to the above question.
Full Name : Your full name.
E-mail : Your e-mail address.

Then click the apply button at the top.

admin details

That's is, ZenPhoto is now installed. Simply log in with the username and password you made above. Once logged in, create an album and start uploading!

Zen Photo

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