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How to install Agora Shopping Cart
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How to install Agora Shopping Cart

How to install agora cart

Agora Shopping Cart is an open source e-commerce solution. AgoraCart's software is developed based on the community's feedback / input and keeps the focus on what the user needs.

Important Information

Our 1 click install software will only install to an empty directory. If your hosting account is new, make sure you have removed the default index.html. Failure to install in an empty directory will result in a blank page once you have attempted to run the install.

Step 1 Log in to eXtend

Log in to your eXtend control panel. For your username and password as well as details on how to do this, check your welcome email. You can also access your eXtend control panel via your customer control panel under 'manage your hosting'.

Step 2 Run the AgoraCart 1 click install

Once you have logged into your eXtend control panel, locate the Agora Shopping Cart logo under the E-commerce section. After you have found it, click on the icon to move on to the next step.

Run the agora cart install

A page entitled Agora Shopping Cart will load and will ask you to choose an installation directory. Please note that this installation is for version 5.2.005.

To install to the main directory, all you need to do is click 'Install Now'. Otherwise, you will need to enter the name of the directory that you wish to install to in the blank box. If this folder doesn't exist, the script will create it for you automatically. After filling in the box, click 'Install Now'.

Agora cart installation directory

After clicking 'Install Now', a loading page will briefly appear stating that Agora shopping cart is now being installed. An 'Installation Complete' page will load with two url links. Click one of these links to continue. In most cases, you will need to click the top link unless you are currently having to use a temporary domain (if your domain is not yet transferred).

Agora cart installation complete

A page will now load with store access instructions. It is advisable to write these details down or save them as a text file. Please read these instructions carefully as they state how you can access your store admin once Agora Cart is installed. To continue the installation, click 'Next' at the bottom of the page.

Agora Store Access

Your Agora Cart installation is now complete. You can access your admin by scrolling down the page to the heading 'Store Manager'.

Under this heading, it will say 'Store Manager can be accessed here' with a link. Once you have clicked this, you should input the admin username and password that were detailed on the previous page.

Access agora store manager

Once you have logged in, this will take you to your Store Manager page which will list instructions for setting up your shop.

We hope you found this guide useful. Please leave any feedback that you may have in the comments below.


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