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PrestaShop : How to install PrestaShop
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PrestaShop : How to install PrestaShop

How to install PrestaShop Hosting

Over 50,000 sites worldwide are using PrestaShop. With a 250% community member increase in 2010, PrestaShop is exciting and one of the world's leading e-commerce softwares. Below is a guide on how to install PrestaShop with Squirrel Hosting's 1 Click System. If you don't have hosting, why not check out our Prestashop Hosting page

Step 1 : Log into your eXtend Control Panel

First step is to log into your Squirrel Hosting account and select 'manage web hosting' from the menu on the left. Once the page has loaded select 'load control panel' next to the domain name you want to install Zencart onto.

Step 2 : Installing Prestashop

Installing PrestaShop with Squirrel Hosting is nice and easy. No uploading or editing of files is required, we take care of all that for you. Under the e-commerce box, click the PrestaShop icon.

Zencart 1 Click install

On the next page it will ask you where you want to install PrestaShop to. If you want PrestaShop to run off the root of your website e.g. www.yourdomain.co.uk then leave this box blank. If you want to run PrestaShop from a directory e.g. www.yourdomain.co.uk/shop then enter this in the box e.g. shop. Then you simply click 'install'. Please note that PrestaShop can only be installed in an empty directory. If you have uploaded files into your public_html folder or install directory then you will need to remove these.

PrestaShop is now installing

Once the install has completed you will be provided with two addresses. Click the first address which will take you to your PrestaShop install page.

Step 3 : Running the PrestaShop setup

On the first page you will be asked to select your chosen language - English will be ticked as default. Further down the page it will ask you if the site is a fresh install or an upgrade. Select "I want to install a new online shop with PrestaShop". At the bottom of the page is the licence agrement. Read through this then tick the "I agree to the above terms and conditions." button and click 'next'.

I want to install a new online shop with PrestaShop

PrestaShop will now check your system settings to make sure the server can support it. This should be over within a few seconds.

Prestashop install System Compatibility

Once the system compatibility check is complete, the page should refresh and you should see the Database Configuration page. On this page you will see all the database information filled in for you, click the 'verify my database settings' to check they are correct - the page should refresh and state 'Database is connected'.

Database is connected.

Under the Installation type box you can either leave full mode ticked (which we recommend) or if you want only the minimum install select light mode, then click next.

Installation type

You should now see the 'Shop settings and merchant account information' page where you will need to fill in the following;

  • Shop name: Enter the name of your shop here.
  • Main activity: Select which category your site falls into from the drop down.
  • Default country: Select your country from the drop down.
  • Shop timezone: Select your timezone from the drop down. (this may change automatically when you select your country).
  • Shop logo: If you have a store logo, click the 'choose file' button to find it on your PC and upload it.
  • Catalog mode only: leave no ticked to enable item purchasing.
  • First name: Your first name
  • Last name: Your last name
  • E-mail address: Your e-mail address
  • Shop password: Your desired shop password
  • Re-type to confirm: Re-type your desired shop password here.

Shop settings and merchant account information

If you would like to take payments via PayPal you can tick the box next to the PayPal icon and fill in the new boxes that should appear below the logo. To continue, click the 'next' button.

Prestashop paypal

That's it, you should now see the 'setup complete' screen. Our 1 click install system will delete the install folder so you can ignore this warning. On this screen you will see two links, one to your store front and one to your admin. Clicking either of these will take you to the corresponding section.

Prestashop install complete

Fast PrestaShop Hosting

This PrestaShop 1 click install facility and many others are all available on any of our shared hosting services.

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