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How to set up voucher codes on PRestashop 1.6
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How to set up voucher codes on PRestashop 1.6

add voucher

This blog post will guide you through adding voucher codes to your Prestashop version 1.6 e-commerce site

With this guide, you can add a voucher for money off or percentage off. You can also use this guide to add a voucher for free shipping or a free gift.

Step 1 Log in to your Prestashop Admin

Log into your admin. Scroll down the left hand menu bar and click on 'price rules'.

price rules

Step 2 Cart Rules

After you have clicked on 'price rules', the 'cart rules' page will automatically open. This is the correct page that you need to be on to add the voucher. To begin with, you need to click the 'add new' + button in the top right hand corner of the page.

cart rules

After clicking the 'add new' button, a form will appear to fill in within the 'information tab'.

Step 3 Fill in form

You need to fill the form in as follows:

  • Name: whatever you would like to call the voucher e.g member discount, free shipping. This name will be displayed in the cart summary.
  • Description: this will remind you which voucher this is when someone uses it. Only you will see this - not your customers.
  • Code: you can enter your own or click 'generate' and Prestashop will create one for you. If you leave the field blank, the code will be automatically generated.
  • Highlight: tick yes or no depending on your answer to this statement - if the voucher is not yet in the cart, it will be displayed in the cart summary.
  • Partial use: tick yes or no. If you allow partial use and the voucher is greater than the cost of products in the basket, then a new voucher will be created for the remainder. For example, if the voucher is worth £20 and the customer orders £17 worth of stock, a new voucher will be created to the value of £3. Your customer can use this voucher on their next purchase. Otherwise the voucher amount will be lowered to match the cart total and they won't be able to use the rest of their voucher.
  • Priority: set this at 1, 2 or 3 etc. This signifies whether this voucher will be prioritised over another if the customer can't use two discounts at once.
  • Status: tick yes to set the voucher as live.

fill in form

Step 4 Go to conditions tab

After you have filled the form in on the information tab, click on to the conditions tab.

conditions tab

Another form will appear with the following fields:

  • Limit to a single customer: if your discount code is for one individual only, you can fill in their name. As you start typing, names in your customer database will start popping up as suggestions. Just click on the specific name and the field will be automatically filled in. Leave this field blank if you want the discount code to be used by all customers.
  • Valid from / to: you can set specific dates for the voucher code. It can be used within the dates that you set.
  • Minimum amount: you can set a minimum amount that the customer has to purchase to be able to use the discount code. This amount can include or exclude shipping and taxes. You can customise this with the dropdown boxes.
  • Total available: This is how many people can use this code. You may have a limited offer where the first 100 people who input the code can use it. For this example, you would input 100.
  • Total available for each user: you may allow a customer to use the voucher code once or multiple times. You can choose the number and input it in this field.
  • Carrier selection tick box: you can tick this to customise which delivery services this voucher is valid with. If you are allowing people to use any carrier with the voucher, then you don't need to tick this box.
  • Customer groups selection box: tick this box if you want certain customer groups to be able to use the voucher but not others. Don't tick this box if it doesn't apply.
  • Product selection tick box: you can tick this box if you want to add rules regarding product selection / product numbers. Leave this unticked if not.

Conditions form

Step 5 Go to Actions tab

After you have clicked on the 'conditions' tab, navigate to the 'actions' tab as below.

actions tab

The actions page has a small selection of tick box circles. They are as below:

  • Free shipping: click on the 'yes' button if you want free shipping to apply with the discount. This would work if your voucher code was for free shipping and not money / percentage off.
  • Apply a discount: choose whether you want the discount to be an amount or a percentage. Once you have selected amount or percent, you will need to input an amount in the field available. If you choose percentage, you can also choose whether you want to apply the discount to the order minus shipping. As well as this, you can customise to apply the discount to a specific product, the cheapest product in the basket or selected products. If you choose amount instead, you can choose to apply the money discount to the order minus shipping and to a specific product.
  • Send a free gift: if the discount is for a free gift instead of a discount, you can click on the 'yes' button. A field will appear prompting you to choose the product for this.

actions form

Click save at the bottom of the page. Your voucher will now be created. You can edit this voucher or create a new one at any time by going to 'price rules' > 'cart rules'.

We hope this guide has been useful. Please let us know if you have any further questions or feedback. You can leave your message in the comments below or you can email us via the 'contact us' page.

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