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Introduction to Jobs in Concrete5
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Introduction to Jobs in Concrete5

concrete5 how to use jobs

Jobs in concrete5 are tasks that run automatically on a regular basis without the user having to manually run them. You can set up jobs via your concrete5 dashboard. Typically, jobs are tasks such as generating sitemaps, reindexing pages and running mail importers. This blog post is an introduction guide to jobs and the jobs dashboard (for version 5.6.2).

This guide runs through the following:

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Step 1: Log into your concrete5 dashboard

Once you have installed / logged into your Concrete5 site, click on the Dashboard icon in the top right corner of the site.

concrete5 dashboard

Next, navigate to the bottom of the page and click on 'System & Settings'.

system settings

After this, a page will load with several headings and links. Navigate to the optimization section and click on 'automated jobs'.

automated jobs

A page will load with a list of 'default' jobs. With version 5.6.2 of concrete5, there are many features that you can take advantage of including:

  • Resetting jobs automatically
  • Setting up a cron job or allowing jobs to be automatically triggered by people visiting your site.
  • Adding job sets so that you can select some jobs to be run at a different frequency to others.

As well as running the jobs already added to the list, you can create your own.

The jobs that have already been created for you on this page are:

  • Index Search Engine - Updates : this job re-indexes pages that have changed since the previous index.
  • Index Search Engine - All : re-indexes all pages.
  • Generate the sitemap.xml file : generates a sitemap for the search engines to crawl.
  • Process Email Posts : polls email accounts, grabs messages / postings.
  • Remove Old Page Versions : removes versions of pages that aren't the 10 most recent versions of the page.

You do have the option to delete 'generate the sitemap', 'process email posts' and 'remove old page versions' if you wish to. Just click the black bin 'remove this job' button on the right of each job.

Jobs list

Run a Job

To run a job, simply click on the triangular 'run' button next to the job as seen below.

run job

Once you have done this, a progress bar may show and then the text next to your job will turn green to indicate that the job was completed.

job completed

Automate a Job

You can automate a job in a number of ways. To automate one particular job, click the 'automate this job' button on the right of the job text (see below).

automate job

An 'automation instructions' page will load with the choice to either run the job automatically when people visit the page or to automate the job through cron. To do this by cron, tick this option and follow the instructions for each job (which will be slightly different). They will all involve automating a url using cron (see below).

through cron

After doing this, click save in the bottom right corner.

If you want the job to run automatically when people visit your site, select the first option. An instruction page will load whereby you can choose the job to run as often as you deem necessary. Type a number into the box provided and use the dropdown to choose hours, days, weeks, months.

run job visits

After you have done this, click save in the bottom right corner. You should get a 'job schedule updated succesfully' message.

If you want to automate all of the default jobs through cron, schedule the URL provided at the bottom of the main 'jobs' page.

automation instructions

You can also automate groups of jobs through cron using the 'job sets' tab.

Create a Job Set

Job sets are a great way of setting up jobs within groups that you want to run at different times / frequencies. Click on the job set tab at the top of the main 'jobs' page.

job sets

The job sets page will load. A job set / group will already have been set up for you (default) and contains the jobs on the main jobs page. Before creating a job set yourself, you can explore this default group by clicking on it.

default job

Once you've clicked on the 'default' link, you will notice that you can do the following:

  • Change the name of your job set
  • Tick / untick jobs to include in the set
  • Follow automation instructions for that set either by triggering via visitor browsing or through cron.

Job set instructions

If you want to add your own job set, return to the original job sets page and fill in the form. Add a name for your job set in the 'name' field. Tick any jobs that you would like to be included in this set. Click 'Add Job Set' once you have done this.

add job set

Reset Jobs

To reset your jobs, go to the main 'jobs' page and click on the 'Reset all jobs' button in the top right corner.

reset jobs

Once you have done this, you will get a message at the top of the page saying 'All running jobs have been reset.

Adding Jobs

To add / create new jobs, custom jobs can be downloaded from concrete5's marketplace. If you want to create your own job, you can follow this guide on the concrete5 website http://www.concrete5.org/documentation/developers/system/jobs.

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