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How to reset your Concrete5 Password Guide
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How to reset your Concrete5 Password Guide

concrete5 how to use reset your admin password

OK, let's all be honest here. At some point, everyone will probably have locked themselves out of their own CMS admin. This guide is for all you Concrete5 users who for whatever reason need to reset your Concrete 5 Password.

The below bullet points outline the guides that will go through various ways of resetting your admin:

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Using the forgot password link

The easiest way to recover your password (assuming you can check the e-mail address) is to use the Concrete5 'Forgot Password' request. Simply visit your Concrete5 admin login page and enter your e-mail address in the box under 'Forgot Your Password?' then click the 'Reset and Email Password' button.

Forgot Password

An e-mail will now be sent to you informing you how you can recover your password.

TIP : If you don't have access to the e-mail address anymore, you can log into your MySQL database and select the Logs table. In here are all the records of e-mails sent including the one that will have just been sent to your e-mail address. View this record and you will see a password reset link that you can copy and paste into your address bar to reset your password manually.

How to reset your Concrete 5 Password via MySQL PhpMyAdmin advanced guide

This method has been tried and tested many times by various users and is a great way to reset your password as long as you have access to your site's database. In brief terms, you will need to log into your database and run the following code:

UPDATE Users SET uPassword = md5('newpassword:PASSWORD_SALT') WHERE uName = 'admin';

You would need to replace the newpassword section with your desired password, the PASSWORD_SALT with the salt value located in your config/site.php file and the 'admin' value with your Concrete5 username. If you dont know your C5 username then use:

UPDATE Users SET uPassword = md5('XXXX:YYYY') WHERE uEmail = 'ZZZZ';

and replace ZZZZ with your Concrete5 e-mail address.

If that doesn't mean anything to you (if you are new to Concrete5 or databases), you can follow our below guide.

How to reset your Concrete 5 Password via MySQL PhpMyAdmin beginners guide

First you need to get your 'Password Salt'. To get this you will need to open your config/site.php file and look for the following line:

Make a note of what it says where we have put 'YOUR-PASSWORD-SALT' above as this is your password salt and you will need it later.

Next, ask your host how you can access your database. Most hosts will have phpMyAdmin installed so we have done the guide below using this. Once you have located your phpMyAdmin, load it up and click your Concrete5 Database from the left.

Select your Concrete5 database

Next, click the SQL tab at the top.


In the 'Run SQL query/queries' box enter the following:

UPDATE Users SET uPassword = md5('XXXX:YYYY') WHERE uName = 'ZZZZ';

Replace the XXXX with your desired new password and the YYYY with the password salt key that you will have kept a note of earlier. Finally, change the ZZZZ with your Concrete5 login username (e.g. admin)

If you don't know what your username is, you can change the code to the following:

UPDATE Users SET uPassword = md5('XXXX:YYYY') WHERE uEmail = 'ZZZZ';

and replace the ZZZZ with your e-mail address used with Concrete5.

Run mysql reset password code

Next, click the 'Go' button. You will see a confirmation page stating the SQL has been run correctly.

1 row affected Concrete5

That's it - you should now be able to log into your admin.

The Shannon Code Method

This simple but effective method requires no database access. We have named this method after the creator - James Shannon (CEO at Ignite Local Marketing). In short, it will reset your admin password to "password".

Create a new php file called site_post.php and place the below following code in it:

 * This script will reset your admin password to "password"
 * It should be named site_post.php and placed at [your web root]/config/site_post.php
 * After it's been copied, load your website, and your admin password will be reset
 * Enjoy. james{a.t}jamesshannon.com
$ui = UserInfo::getByID(USER_SUPER_ID);

Upload it to your /config/ folder and then load up your website. Once your site loads, your password will have been reset.

IMPORTANT : Make sure to remove the file off of your server afterwards.

The Concrete5 Lockpick Method

Kudos to the reddit user bbeng89 who pointed out this method. Similar to the above method, the lockpick actually allows you to choose the password.

Step 1 - Download The Lockpick Method

First grab a copy of the code from the GitHub page at https://github.com/mkly/concrete5-Lockpick.

Concrete5 Lockpick method

From the Zip file, upload the concrete5lockpick.php file to the root of your install (the same place your concrete5 index.php file is located).

Upload Lockpick

Now visit the file via your browser e.g. www.yourdomain.co.uk/concrete5lockpick.php and enter the username of the account you would like to edit and the password you would like to change it to. Next, click Change.

C5 enter new password

You should now see a password changed page.

C5 Password changed

Finally deleted the file from your server. DO NOT leave the file on there otherwise anyone can change your password and access your C5 site.

TIP : When we tested the Lockpick method, we got an error page after clicking the change password page. This was due to our site being in a sub folder. Editing line 124 of concrete5lockpick.php from

<form method="post" action="/concrete5lockpick.php">


<form method="post" action="concrete5lockpick.php">

fixed this issue for us.

*This edit was submitted to the script creator and has now been fixed

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