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How To Create Multiple Stores In PrestaShop
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How To Create Multiple Stores In PrestaShop

Creating multiple stores

Managing multiple stores from one Prestashop Installation

This guide will assist you in setting up and managing multiple stores in Prestashop 1.6. This function is useful if you want to run several stores on different domains / sub domains from one consolidated admin. This can make it easier to manage your overall sales without having to log into several different admins.

First of all, log into your Prestashop admin.

Click onto the 'preferences' tab on the left hand side column.

prestashop preferences

The 'general' subcategory will automatically open and the 'general' page will load. Navigate down the page to 'Enable Multistore'. This will be automatically set at 'no'. You will need to click on 'yes' to enable the feature.

Enable Multistore

Click 'save' in the top right corner.

Create a shop group

Next, click on the 'Advanced Parameters' tab in the left hand side column.

advanced parameters

Next, click on the 'multistore' subcategory tab.

Multistore Tab

The 'multistore' page will load. Next, you will need to click on the 'add new' plus button in the top right corner (as below).

add new store

A form will load once you have clicked 'add new'. You will need to input the following:

  • Shop group name : you will need to choose a name (visible to you) that identifies this shop group.
  • Share customers : If you choose to enable this feature, the shops in this group will share customers. A customer would be able to log in to any of of your shops with the same details. This is not generally recommended and can not be disabled afterwards.
  • Share available quantities to sell : If you enable this, all of your shops will share the quantity of available products between them.
  • Share orders : If you tick yes and enable this, customers will be able to view their cart in any store. They will also be able to complete a shop with an abandoned cart from any other store in the group. Again, this is not recommended and can not be disabled once enabled.
  • Status : click yes or no to enable / disable this group.

Click 'save' in the top right hand corner to save your changes.

new shop group

Create a new shop

On the 'multistore' page, navigate to the multistore tree and click on the shop group that you want to add a new store to. Click on this group.

add new shop

Once you have done this, a page will load. In the top right corner of this page is an 'add new shop' plus button. Click on this button.

add new store button

Once the page loads, you will be presented with a form that you will need to fill in.

  • Shop name : This is for you to identify which shop this is. If you want to add a name that the public can see, there is a link provided to do this. Otherwise, just fill in the name of the shop for the admin.
  • Group shop : The shop group that you clicked on will be displayed here. However, you can change the shop group if you wish. Note that you won't be able to change the group of the shop if the shop group that it belongs to has enabled 'Share Customers', 'Share Quantities' or 'Share Orders'
  • Category root : The root category of the store that you have created will be displayed here. There is a link to click on if you would like to change this.
  • Associated Categories : Here you can choose the categories that you would like to share between shops. For example, if you already have a store that sells clothing and are setting up a seperate store that exclusively sells dresses, you may want to share the dress categories from the main clothing store.
  • Theme : Select from any available themes for your store.

new store form


Below this form is another entitled 'Import data from another shop'. The following needs to be checked:

  • Import Data : enable this if you want to import data from another of your shops.
  • Choose the shop : choose from the dropdown which shop you would like to import data from.
  • Choose data to import : choose from the list which items of data you would like to import. Use the checkboxes to do so.

import data

Click 'save' in the top right corner.

Set a URL for the Shop

After you have created your shop, a link will appear prompting you to set up a url for the shop (as below).

set up url

Click on this link. A form will appear entitled 'URL Options'. Two forms are on this page. Read below for guidance on how to fill these in:

  • Shop name: this is the shop that you would like to set a url for.
  • Main url : if you would like the url you are setting up to be the main one with all of the other urls for the shop redirecting to this one, choose yes.
  • Enabled : choose yes to enable this feature /url.

The next form is under the title 'Shop URL'. Below are the form fields:

  • Domain : Your url for the shop.
  • Domain SSL : Leave this unless it differs from your main domain name.
  • Physical URL : This is the folder for your store. Do not fill this in if your store is installed to the root path.
  • URL Rewriting : This feature may / may not be enabled depending on your host. If it is enabled, you can rewrite the url to be displayed without creating a sub folder.
  • Your final url will be : This shows what your url will be, based on how you have filled in the forms.

url options

Click 'save' in the top right hand corner of the page.

You should have a message pop up at the top saying 'creation successful'. You can now view your url and click on it to see if it works.

test url

Your new store is now set up. You can edit your store at any time by clicking the 'edit' button beside it.

edit store

We hope you have found this guide useful. Please let us know in the comments below.

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