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Creating blog category pages with Concrete5 and ProBlog
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Creating blog category pages with Concrete5 and ProBlog

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Recently we asked on twitter for suggestions of which Concrete5 guides you would like to see.

@BobRockefeller suggested we do a guide on ProBlog. After looking into this, we were pleased with the features of the module and the professionalism of the creators @goradiantweb. After contacting RadientWeb, Chadstrat suggested we do a guide on sub categorical pages and how to set them up. With that in mind, we have created the below. If you use ProBlog yourself and find this guide useful, please let us know your views in the comments below.

Creating blog category pages in your site Concrete5 Site with ProBlog

This guide was put together using Concrete5 and ProBlog version 12, the instructions should still work on newer versions but the visuals may/have changed.

Step 1 : Install problog

If you haven't already done so, upload your ProBlog folder to your packages/ directory. If you have dones this, skip to step 2.

Upload Problog

Then from your Concrete5 dashboard, click the install link at the bottom.

Install ProBlog

Next to the ProBlog icon, click the Install button.

ProBlog Awaiting Installation

Once complete, you will receive a 'The package has been installed' message.

ProBlog The package has been installed

Step 2 : Creating blog category pages in your site

From your Concrete5 Dashboard, click the Full Sitemap link.

Full sitemap

Under your parent blog page, add the categories you would like as new pages. To do this, click your blog parent page and click the 'Add Page' from the dropdown.

add page

Choose ProBlog Post in the popup.

Pro-blog post

Enter the category name in the 'Name' field' and click 'Add Page'.

add problog page

Click the page you have just added and click properties from the dropdown.

concrete5 page properties

In the popup menu, click the 'Custom Attributes' tab.

Custom Attributes

From the left menu, click 'Blog Selection' and make sure 'Blog Selection' is ticked.

ProBlog Blog selection

Using the same method above, click the 'Exclude From Page List' and tick.

Exclude From Page List

Finally, do the same for 'Exclude From Search Index'.

Exclude From Search Index

Then click Save.

Now repeat these steps for all the category pages you would like.

Step 3 : Adding the ProBlog List blocks

Once you have added the category pages, you need to add the Problog List Block to them. To do this, click on the category page and choose 'visit'.

Visit Concrete5 Page

Move over 'edit' in the top left then click 'edit this page'.

Edit this page

Click the 'Add To Main' section and then click 'Add Block' from the dropdown.

Add block

Click the ProBlog List block.

Prolog List Block

In the popup box, click the 'Filters' tab then select 'beneath this page'.

beneath this page

Then click 'Add'.


If you want to also add ProBlog to the sidebar then do this now, otherwise move over editing and click 'Publish my Edits'.

Publish my edits

Now repeat these steps for the other category pages.

Step 4 : Edit the parent blog properties.

Next, you need to edit the parent blog properties. To do this, go back to your site map (dashboard > Sitemap) and click your parent blog page and click 'Properties' from the dropdown.

Blog Properties

Click the 'Custom Attributes' tab and deselect 'Blog Selection'. Then click save.

blog selection no

Thats it! When you go to post in ProBlog, you will see these new pages as selections under the 'Section/Location' section.


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