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Free Website Template PSD, HTML5 and Concrete5
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Free Website Template PSD, HTML5 and Concrete5

Free Website Template

The below free website template has been designed by the team at Squirrel Hosting for anyone to use. It doesn't matter if you are a web designer or someone looking to build your first website, the below template is free. We do have a few conditions though:

  1. You may not re-distribute or offer the template for download (in any form).
  2. You may use the template to build a project for a client but you must not charge for the template design (that wouldn't be fair, would it?)
  3. You may mention the template on your own website but link to this page instead of the download file.

Free Website Template Preview

Free website template

Free Website Template Versions

We have various versions of the free website template avaliable and in development. These versions are listed below.

Please note the password for the below files is squirrelhosting


We would like to thank the following people.

Fonts used are:

  • Bebas : See their site at Flat-it for some more great fonts. Download here
  • Sansation : Download here
  • 3D map : by Robbie Williams. Download here

Free PSD Website Template

This version is now available for download. It includes all the layers of the template clearly labelled.

Download PSD Squirrel V1.0

Free Website Template

Download html Squirrel V1.0 (beta)

Free Concrete 5 Template

We are converting the above template and will have it avaliable for download soon.

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