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Free 90 day trial for Squirrel Hosting customers

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We have some exciting new partner's perks at Squirrel Hosting with a brand new partner's page.  You can check out the partner's page here for more details on how to take advantage of these perks

We are posting blog entries to give you a little more information about our partners.  We did a Moz blog post last year which can be found here

This blog post is going to introduce you to crazyegg.

Aside from having a really great logo, Crazyegg have a lot to offer to business owners.  Crazyegg provides a heatmap tool where you can visualise where your customers are clicking on your website.  This is an extremely useful tool to have which will allow you to analyse how parts of your website are performing.

Not only can you see exactly how users are behaving on your site but you can also learn which sections of your website don't work in terms of usability.  As crazyegg say on their website, you can keep the things they like and change the things they don't. 

The crazyegg scroll map lets you see how far customers are scrolling on your website and where they choose to leave the page.  The overlay tool allows you to see how many times each area of your page has been clicked.  You can explore visitor data even more by using the confetti tool.  This lets you see how visitors from different referrers use your website.  You can also see how visitors that have arrived at your website using different keywords act differently when navigating your site.  As well as this, discovering how new users use your website in comparison to returning visitors can provide some useful insight.

It is worth noting that if you are working on a client's website and want an insightful way of showing them how it is performing, crazyegg is a great way of doing this.

So in summary, crazyegg is an incredibly useful service that allows you to view your visitor's behaviour in ways that you will not have had access to before.  We really think that the crazyegg tools are worth giving a go and seeing how you get on as the data available can be invaluable.

As a Squirrel Hosting partner, crazyegg are offering Squirrel Hosting customers a very generous 90 day free trial of their fantastic tools (their usual trial is 30 days).  If you would like to take them up on this offer, you can visit our partner's perks page.  Also, don't forget to visit their website where you can learn much more about their tools - crazyegg.com.

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