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Perks : 30% off of Sandglaz for 6 months.
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Perks : 30% off of Sandglaz for 6 months.


The sun is out and we have more great partner perks for you!

Imagine a working day where you don't have to rifle through an overstuffed filofax and you don't have to decrypt your colleague's writing on a post it note. Aside from this, just think how easy it would be if you had access to all of your tasks and deadlines in one place - on your mobile phone.

Imagine no longer! You can now simplify things by using an all in one, mobile task management service - Sandglaz. The great thing about Sandglaz is it is useful whether you are a freelancer or part of a team.

For task management, Sandglaz allows you to:

  • Create tasks and recurring tasks
  • Prioritise tasks with drag and drop
  • Easily categorise tasks with hashtags
  • Add notes, subtasks & file attachments
  • Use the app to access tasks on the go

As well as this, uncompleted tasks are moved on to the next day. You will also have access to the history of your tasks/ projects.

For team projects:

  • Sandglaz allows you to share projects and set permissions for team members.
  • There are real time syncs for group projects.
  • Task commenting between team members makes completing projects easier.

Pricing is $5 per month per team member. This includes the mobile app, unlimited tasks and customer support. There is also an option to pay yearly. You can also cancel your plan at any time.

Sandglaz are kindly offering Squirrel Hosting members 30% off of Sandglaz for 6 months. You can view this offer on our partner's page: https://www.squirrelhosting.co.uk/control-panel/perks/hosting-perks.php

For more info on Sandglaz, visit http://www.sandglaz.com/

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