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Joomla Fix : The Archive file is corrupted, truncated or archive
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The Archive file is corrupted, truncated or archive parts are missing.

The Archive file is corrupted, truncated or archive parts are missing.

Keeping your Joomla CMS system up to date is extremely important. Latest updates can contain security fixes which must be applied in order to keep your Joomla Hosting safe. But what happens when you run the automatic updater in Joomla and you get the following error "The Archive file is corrupted, truncated or archive parts are missing."? The below guide will explain the reasons this can happen and also how to fix them.

Below are the different ways you can fix 'The Archive file is corrupted, truncated or archive parts are missing'error message.

Check the tmp folder exists and has writable permissions

The first thing you should check is to see if Joomla actually has a folder to download the update to and if it is writable, this is defined in your configuration.php file. Log into your hosting (either via FTP or the file manager) and view your configuration.php file. Near the bottom you should see the following lines:

public $log_path = 'yourdomain.com/logs';
public $tmp_path = 'yourdomain.com/tmp';

Now check your hosting to see if you have a folder called tmp. The location of this folder will be what was described in the above lines. So for the above example, you would navigate into 'yourdomain.com' folder then look for the 'tmp' folder.

If you do not see the 'tmp' folder then this is probably what is causing your "The Archive file is corrupted, truncated or archive parts are missing." error message. Creating a new folder in here called 'tmp' and setting the permissions to 755 should fix the update issue for you.

TIP: You can also find your path to the temp folder by logging into your administrator, selecting 'Global Configuration' from the left menu and clicking the 'Server' tab. You will see your 'Path to Temp Folder' in the first box.

Path to Temp Folder

Installing the update manually

If the above didn't work for you then don't worry, you can still update the site manually via 'Extensions->Extension Manager->Upload Package File'.

First off, visit http://joomlacode.org/gf/project/joomla/frs/ and download the update file (look for the update number that matches the joomla update message in your admin).

Joomla update error message

Next, open up your joomla administrator (usually yourdomain.com/administrator/) and log in. Click 'Extensions' from the top bar then choose the 'Extension Manager' link from the dropdown.

Extension Manager

Click the 'Upload Package file' tab and click the 'Choose File' button. Find the update file you just downloaded and select it. Next, click the 'Upload & Install' button.

Upload & Install Joomla Extension

Joomla will now upload the file from your computer to the hosting and then install it. This may take a while but once completed you should get a 'Installing file was successful' message.

Installing file was successful.

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