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Win a Squirrel Attack Mug!
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Win a Squirrel Attack Mug!

Attack Mug

Win a Squirrel Attack Mug

We have a fun little competition of our own. It recently occurred to us that we don't have a name for our Squirrel. This obviously needs to be rectified so if you have any name ideas, please submit them via twitter, facebook, Google+ or email (competition[a.t]squirrelhosting.co.uk).

We will check all entries after the closing date of 31st July. Our favourite will win and the victorious entrant will win a 'Squirrel Attack' mug + 1 years hosting (1,2, or 3 Nut).

If you want more excitement with your morning cuppa, this is the mug for you. You're just minding your own business, drinking your tea and SURPRISE, a squirrel comes out of nowhere.

Thanks in advance for your participation. The winner will be announced on our social channels.

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