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How to send a newsletter with Prestashop 1.6
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How to send a newsletter with Prestashop 1.6

PRestashop how to send a newsletter

How to send a newsletter with Prestashop 1.6

Currently, there are no default / free ways to send a newsletter via the Prestashop admin. However, there is a way of exporting your customer details and easily importing them / using the data in conjunction with a newsletter program.

To do this, you first need to log in to your Prestashop admin. Next, navigate to the modules section on the left hand side and click on 'modules'.


When the modules list page loads, scroll down to the search box and type in newsletter.


While you are doing this, a list of modules will start to appear. You will need to navigate to the module named 'CSV Export for Newsletters' and click 'install'.

install csv module

Once the module has installed successfully, you will be faced with a couple of options. You can export a .csv file based on those that have signed up for your newsletter. Note: Only subscribers without an account on the shop will be exported.

newsletter subscribers

Or, you can export customer data. With this you can go into more detail and choose from the following dropdowns:

Customer's country: you can choose from the dropdown or leave 'all countries' selected.

Newsletter Subscribers: you can choose from - 'all customers', 'subscribers', 'non-subscribers'.

Opted-in Subscribers: (this refers to those that have opted in to receiving special offers from your partners). Again, you can choose from - 'all customers', 'subscribers', 'non-subscribers'.

Once you have chosen, click 'export.csv file'.

export csv

Once you have done this, you will receive the following message at the top of the page:

The .CSV file has been successfully exported: 1 customers found.
Download the file export_1397199015504406159.csv
WARNING: If opening this .csv file with Excel, remember to choose UTF-8 encoding or you may see strange characters.

You will need to click on the 'Download the file export_1397199015504406159.csv' text to download the file to a program that can open .csv files.

download csv

Once you have the file, you can input the data into newsletter software. There are paid and free versions out there. Make sure you check the reviews before using any. Most of them let you import a .csv contact list, after which you can get composing your newsletter and sending without having to individually send to each contact.

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