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Top 5 ways to track visitor engagement on your website
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Top 5 ways to track visitor engagement on your website

If like a high percentage of website owners, you use Google Analytics on a daily basis, you may think that this has you covered. For the most part, it might do (depending on your industry and what sort of engagement you wish to track). However, for alot of people, the more information that can be gained about how people use their site, the better. If you are one of these website owners, continue reading as we have outlined 5 popular software / programs that take visitor engagement tracking to another level.

Crazy Egg - Visualise where your visitors click.

crazy egg

Crazy Egg has four standout features that let you see exactly where your visitors have been clicking on your website. These tools are:

  • Heatmap visual
  • Scrollmap visual
  • Overlay tool
  • Confetti tool

The heatmap demonstrates where people have clicked on your side. The strength / hue of the colours determine how popular each section is. This gives you a quick, visual guide to how each section of your site is performing.

The scrollmap indicates how far down your site, the user is scrolling. This also gives you an idea of where the visitor left your page. This is useful for assessing which pieces of content people are viewing before they leave the page and if these areas could be improved.

The overlay tool allows you to see the number of clicks that have occured on each area of your page. This will indicate which areas your visitors are interested in and which bits need working on.

The confetti tool cross references all of the clicks on your site with the referral sources, search terms / keywords etc. Using this tool, you can see how your user's behaviour might differ depending on how they reached your site. You can also see which sources are sending users who click least / most often.

These are all useful tools that allow you to visually assess your site rather than looking through reams of data.

crazyegg screenshot

Prices start at $9 a month. There is also a 30 day free trial open to everyone.

Crazy egg are offering a 90 day free trial for Squirrel Hosting customers. To take advantage of this offer, visit our partner's page: Partner's Page

Optimizely - A/B Testing Software


A/B testing involves testing how users respond to changes on your site. You can evaluate how positive / productive a change is before actually altering your site's code. Using this technology, you no longer have to wrestle with the idea of changing aspects of your site based on a hunch.

This all works by testing two different versions of your webpage and seeing how visitors respond. Once you have tested an aspect on your site, such as a sign up button in a different place, Optimizely shows you the results. These results indicate how many visitors clicked on each version. You can do this with any element on your site. You can find out more about A/B testing here: What is A/B testing?

You can easily edit the aspects of your site that you want to test using Optimisely's point and click editor.

optimizely screenshot

Prices start at 12 a month for a one year plan. There is a 30 day free trial available.

Mouseflow - Mouse tracking tool

mouse flow

Mouseflow do offer some heatmap and scrollmap capabilities but their main tool is the ability to live record visits with mouse tracking.

Mouseflow records visitor behaviour, following the movement / clicks of the mouse. You can then watch back the recordings and evaluate what is working and what needs to be improved. You can also view in page analytics that show visitor statistics (pageviews / interaction time).

Mouseflow have a demo on their site showing how the mouse movement live recording works.

mouseflow screenshot

Prices start at €15 per month. There is a free version but this has limited options / features with no downloadable recordings.

Clicktale - View on-demand session playbacks


Clicktale offers similar features to Mouseflow except theirs is marketed as an 'enterprise solution'. They stipulate that to have an account, you must have one million page views per month and have dedicated staff to interact with Clicktale. They also require that if you apply for their trial, you intend to sign up as a paying customer.

Regarding Clicktale's products, they offer on demand session playbacks on multiple devices. Like Mouseflow, you can watch recordings of your user's mouse movements. Clicktale also offer heatmaps and conversion funnels. The conversion funnels are instantly generated from the visitor's sessions (page by page).

clicktale screenshot

We couldn't find any pricing info for Clicktale. You can apply for a free trial of the ClickTale enterprise solution by filling in a form on their site.

User Testing - Remote Usability Testing Software


Now for something completely different....Rather than testing what your visitors do when they visit your site, User Testing allows you to set up tasks for a target audience of users from the user testing panel. Whilst the users are completing a task (such as going through the checkout), they record the session while explaining what works and what doesn't. You can then watch the video clips and evaluate what may need adjusting on your site.

Participants are selected from the User Testing panel based on different criteria (that you have set) or you can run tests with your own customers / users. As well as receiving the video clips of the user's experience, you can ask participants to fill in a written questionnaire. You can then edit and annotate your findings and share them with your team.

user testing screenshot

As far as pricing goes, you can pay $49 per video or $200 a month for a small business. You can also request a free trial. User Testing also run Peek which is a free service where you can see / hear a 5 minute video of a non targeted user randomly browsing / assessing your site. This may give you some idea whether User Testing is something that you would find useful.

The above websites are just a selection of the software / tools out there that you can use to monitor interaction / engagement on your site. We hope you have found this guide useful.

All prices were correct at the time of writing. The above article contains suggestions for tracking visitors on your site (these are not endorsements).

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