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How to set up an email address
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How to set up an email address

Once you've purchased your hosting, one of the first things you might want to do is set up an email address

You can set up 6000 mailboxes if you are on the M package and more if you have L or XL hosting (if you should ever need that many).

Having an email address @ your domain means that you and your colleagues can have a professional email address that matches your branding

You can set up our email to download to your PC / laptop / phone or you can check your email via our webmail system

This guide will show you how to set up your email in easy to follow steps

Step 1

Log into your Squirrel Hosting account. Next, click on 'view/ manage your hosting'.

log in

Step 2

Click on the eXtend control panel link for the domain that you wish to add mailboxes to.

control panel

Step 3

Your control panel will load. Navigate to the email section where all of the email services are located.

Click on the mail boxes icon.


Step 4

Here you can add a new mailbox. Type in the email address box the name you would like for your email address then click 'add'.

add mailbox

Step 5

Your mailbox will now have been added. Your new email address may take up to an hour to set up properly.

A password will have been automatically generated for you. Your password will be available to view or change by hovering over it in the password section

If you would like to change it, edit the password then click 'modify'.


You have now set up your new email address.

To view your new email mailbox in webmail, you can either click on your email address in your eXtend control panel.


Alternatively, you can visit the Squirrel Hosting homepage and login to the webmail there (with your email address and password).

webmail login

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