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The Squirrel Hosting Support Ticket System

Our ticket system is an effective way to communicate with Squirrel Hosting support. Below are a few reasons why it is the most efficient way to solve any of your queries:

  • Only the account holder can use the ticket system.
  • The system can be used when your email isn't working. It is always best to contact us via the ticket system as email replies aren't guaranteed to get through.
  • Responses are very quick.
  • Keeps all tickets in one place so that all details are there to view.
  • Keeps a written record of all previous communications.
  • It's secure, unlike email.
  • Allows for a full explanation of the problem and means that we can get a comprehensive answer for you rather than you waiting for long periods on the phone. For this reason, we do not offer phone support.

How to use the support ticket system

Step 1

Log into your Squirrel Hosting account.

Scroll down to the support/ help section and click on 'Submit/view support tickets'.

log in

You will also notice that in the support section, there is a support database. It is worth browsing the database first to see if your query is already answered in there.

Step 2

The 'contact support' page will load. Here you can create a new ticket or view your previous / open tickets.

Don't forget, if your website is slow or appears to be down, it may be worth viewing the 'system status' page before submitting a ticket.

To open a support ticket, click 'create a new ticket'.

create ticket

Step 3

The page will open up to include a form. Here you can add a subject for your query e.g Changing PHP version. You then need to choose the service that your query relates to (from the dropdown).

Next, you need to explain in detail what your enquiry is relating to. The more detail you include, the faster we can deal with your request.

After you have filled in all of the fields, click 'create ticket'.

open ticket

Step 4

Your ticket will now show up in the 'contact support' section with the status set as 'open'.

open ticket

Step 5

You can either check back on the ticket page to see if your ticket has been responded to or wait for an email.

When Squirrel Hosting support reply to your ticket, you will receive an email to notify you, saying 'we have replied'.

Your ticket status will now have changed.

replied ticket

Step 6

To view the ticket, click on it.

Your original message and response will show up on the page.

You can choose to reply to the ticket if you need more information. To do this, fill in the field and then click 'update ticket'. You can also close the ticket if you feel that your question has been answered satisfactorily.

close ticket

You can continue to use the ticket system in this way whenever you have a query or have an issue that needs resolving

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