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Installing Concrete5 Version 5.7.2
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Installing Concrete5 Version 5.7.2

Installing Concrete5 using your Squirrel Hosting account, couldn't be easier. This guide will explain in step by step detail, how to install Concrete5 using our 1 click install script.

Step 1

Log in to the eXtend control panel of the hosting account that you would like Concrete5 to be installed onto.

Navigate to the CGI scripts section of the control panel and click on the Concrete5 icon.

concrete5 install

Step 2

A page will appear asking you to 'choose an installation directory'. You can either create a subfolder (by typing into the box) and click 'install now' or leave the box blank. By leaving the box blank, Concrete5 will be installed into your public_html by default.

concrete5 installation directory

Step 3

After submitting, a progress bar will appear and then a page with please wait.....

installing concrete5

Step 4

An Installation Complete page will load. Two links will be displayed. Click on the top one to continue (the bottom one is the temporary URL).

concrete5 installation complete

Step 5

A new page will load where you can choose a language from the dropdown. You can submit your choice by clicking on 'choose language'.


Step 6

After this, an 'Install Concrete5' page will load. This page will list the required items and all of these should have a tick next to them. Click on the Continue button at the bottom to move onto the next page.


Step 7

This page will have site information and database information. The database information will already be filled in for you - do not change these details. For the site information section, you will need to fill in your site name, email address and password. Next, you will need to choose 'full site' or 'empty site'. The full site option includes a theme with portfolio, contact forms, blog and multiple page types (we recommend this option). Once you have chosen, click 'Install Concrete5'.

concrete5 contact

Step 8

A loading / progress bar will appear. This may take a couple of minutes to complete.

concrete5 loading

Final Step

A congratulations page will appear. If you click 'continue to your site', you will be able to work on your site straightaway as the script will have automatically logged you in. In the future, you can login as admin using the email address and password that you specified in the site information.

installation complete

We will be creating more guides to assist you in the customisation and use of Concrete5. Please check back for more.

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