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There are oodles of amazing bloggers out there publishing about anything and everything. The most popular blogs are all hosted on their own branded domains which wasn't the case 5, 10 years ago. Bloggers are now thriving professional brands in their own right and readerships are expanding. To keep up with the demand for consistent image heavy posts, branded urls and the amount of visitors that top blogs receive, bloggers require reliable web hosting.

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Blogging Made Easy

This isn't just for established blogs. If you are just starting out and not sure how to go about making the leap, we have outlined some CMS (content management system) options / blog platforms below. These are open source (free) blogging platforms that Squirrel Hosting offer as 1 click installations (included with our shared hosting packages). 1 click installs make it quick and easy to set up your blog.

Below are the 1 click installs that we offer for blogs.

WordPress blog

WordPress Blog

Chances are you've heard of Wordpress. In most cases, if you load up a blog, it will have been created using Wordpress. This is probably because it is well known with a good reputation and on the whole, it's very user friendly. Aside from this, the support available online for Wordpress and the vast number of plugins and themes make it a great place to start.

You can install Wordpress quickly and efficiently using our 1 click install feature. You will be able to find this in your eXtend control panel once you have ordered hosting with us. All Wordpress installations with Squirrel automatically include the Jetpack plugin which offers lots of functions including visitor stats and security features.

To get started with Wordpress, scroll down to our 'Getting Started' section.

Dupal Blog

Drupal Blog

As with other CMS software, you can use Drupal for many different types of websites. Drupal core includes the ability to post blog entries to your homepage so you could get started using drupal straightaway. There are also some nice looking, responsive blog themes that you can install to make your blog look more appealing.

The Drupal dashboard is set out in a way that it would be fairly easy for a beginner to get to grips with quite quickly. Although there is the official support forum and there are plenty of guides online if you need help.

To install Drupal and buy hosting with us, scroll down to the 'Getting Started' section.

Joomla blog

Joomla Blog

Joomla is another very popular piece of software that powers millions of websites. There are a vast number of possibilities for what type of site you can build with Joomla and a blog is one of them. When running your 1 click Joomla install, you will be prompted to add some 'sample' data. Blog is an option here and will add articles and blog related modules to your Joomla site. As with most website software, you always have the option to install blog themes if you wish to.

Once you have installed Joomla, if you are unsure how to proceed, it has an integrated help system to assist you.

If Joomla and Squirrel Hosting seem right for you, follow our 'Getting Started' steps below.

Dupal Blog

Concrete5 Blog

This is a system that you can use to create a fully functioning website via a block system and drag and drop. You can create virtually any type of website with Concrete5. This system has a default theme called 'Elemental'. 'Elemental' has a built in blog feature straight out of the box (no need to install an extra plugin).

This means that you can build a website with a homepage, blog and any other type of page you would like (contact, gallery etc).

If you like the sound of Concrete5 and Squirrel Hosting, you may find the 'Getting Started' instructions below useful.

Squirrel UK Hosting

How does the one click installer work?

So, how does a one click installer work? From the user's perspective, it's actually quite simple. You click the script/app you want to install onto your hosting and within a few seconds, it's installed for you. All you have to do then is follow the app's setup via your website (usually where it will ask you to choose an admin username/password etc for your new website), simple!

Behind the scenes,it's far from simple, the 1 click installer takes care of all the complicated aspects for you such as setting up a database, uploading the script files, configuring the database logins, providing the database details to the script, configuring file permissions and much more.

If you are interested in using one of the CMS systems above and would like to use Squirrel Hosting to host your blog, the first thing you will need is a hosting package.

All of our packages support the above CMS systems. However, the L package is one of our most popular due to it including automatic backups as standard.

Once you have ordered a hosting package, you will have access to your hosting control panel. From there, you will be able to run the 1 click install system to install any of the above blogging platforms.

M Hosting package


Everything you would need to get a website online. Ideal for personal websites or sole traders.

Platform Cloud Hosting
1.5GB Bandwidth Per Hour!
6GB Webspace
6000 e-mail addresses
6 MySql Databases
No Automatic Backups
Yes 1 Click Install System
1 Hosted Domain
No Contract

£47.40 PER YEAR

Equates to £3.95 p/m

XL Hosting package


For businesses or those with larger websites e.g educational establishments. Comes with automatic backups.

Platform Cloud Hosting
1.5GB Bandwidth Per Hour!
No Limit* Webspace
No Limit* e-mail addresses
No Limit* MySql Databases
Yes Automatic Backups
Yes 1 Click Install System
1 Hosted Domain
No Contract

£107.40 PER YEAR

Equates to £8.95 p/m

L Hosting package


Ideal for those that would like automatic backups or want a little more webspace.

Platform Cloud Hosting
1.5GB Bandwidth Per Hour!
25GB Webspace
10,000 e-mail addresses
10 MySql Databases
Yes Automatic Backups
Yes 1 Click Install System
1 Hosted Domain
No Contract

£65.64 PER YEAR

Equates to £5.47 p/m

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