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Hosting Control Panel

This page will explain to you how the Squirrel Hosting control panel works and provides a link to load a limited demo.

Extend Control Panel

Launch the eXtend control panel demo

If you would like to browse a demo of the control panel, click the link below. Please note, several features of the demo are missing for security reasons

Extend control panel explained

Here, we will give you an overview of the control panel features and the layout. This is to give you a better idea of what you will be working with if you decide to purchase. The control panel is split up into various sections including:

Account info
Access & Account info

When you purchase web hosting with us, you will receive your log in details. You will then be able to log in to your Squirrel Hosting account. Once logged in, you will need to navigate to 'manage web hosting' and there will be a link to load your control panel. Once clicked, you will be able to view the range of features available within your hosting account. You can easily view details regarding your hosting account such as: Server type, FTP details, Amount of webspace used, Mail boxes and Bandwidth etc

File Manager
File Manager

Under 'Files', you have the ability to easily upload / download files to / from your website. Under here, there is also a backup and restore facility which we recommend you use on a regular basis. We specifically recommend the use of the backup feature before you make any changes to your website.


Our email system includes the following features:

  • Webmail interface (contacts, calendar, folders, signature capability)
  • Easy management of mailboxes
  • Control of junk mail filter
  • Mailing lists for groups or individuals
  • Email forwarding
  • Auto responders
  • Allow by sender / reject by sender filters
  • Send only addresses
Web stata
Web stats and logs

Our web stats and logs section has some clever little tools for assisting with the management and optimisation of your site.

You can generate and upload your sitemap to google via our 'google sitemap' icon. There are several different statistics and analytics software that you can install. As well as this, you can view bandwidth graphs showing the amount of bandwidth used on your site each day.

Friendly UK based support

All in house and not outsourced

Speach Mark
Speach Mark

Highly recommended and speedy in all senses

I am a Sheffield based web designer who ran into some serious speed issues with a different hosting company for a new website I am designing for hospital based users. The customer was not impressed with the page speed on the original host during beta testing and said the site was unusable! Time was short for me to fix this and last Friday I approached Squirrel Hosting, having read excellent reviews, and perhaps also being a little biased since they are also based in Sheffield. My urgent mission was to find a hosting company where page speed results were consistently high.

Right from the start Jonathan and Christina bent over backwards to help. Despite it being early Friday evening, they did a FTP download and set up a temporary clone site so that I could test it myself - so helpful and informative, and the customer could see for themselves the difference in performance between the two hosts and were much happier with the results.

Every step of the way Squirrel Hosting gave me top quality responses, all done via their support ticket system which works very efficiently. I was touched by their generosity of spirit, I felt I was asking for a lot at times. They know their stuff and communicate very clearly and helpfully.

If you are looking for a professional hosting company, don't hesitate, go with Squirrel Hosting, and I don't say this lightly. You won't be disappointed.

Web Tools
Web tools

This section features some important tools. Your MySQL database management is within this section. You can both create and manage your databases by clicking on the MySQL icon. You can also set up subdomains, change passwords and block IP addresses using this section of tools.

Website Help
Website help and diagnostics

Within this section are a number of diagnostic tools that can help you make sure that your website is running at its optimum capacity. There is also a whois domain checker and a 'html tidy' tool that can help you tidy up the layout of a webpage.

Web Resources
Web Resources

Here you can find templates, logos, fonts and images that you can use on your website. These are free to use and can be easily downloaded.


In this section, you can find several popular e-commerce scripts. These can be installed quickly and easily, just click on an icon and follow the on screen instructions. There is also a secure server (SSL) icon within here. You can use this with any of our e-commerce scripts to ensure that you can accept data securely via your site.

CGI scripts
CGI Scripts

This is the largest section in the Squirrel Hosting control panel. In here, there are 1 click install scripts for some of the most popular CMS (content management systems) out there. Install Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Concrete5 and many others within minutes. Just click on the script that you require and follow the instructions.

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