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M Hosting package


Everything you would need to get a website online. Ideal for personal websites or sole traders.

Platform Cloud Hosting
1.5GB Bandwidth Per Hour!
6GB Webspace
6000 e-mail addresses
6 MySql Databases
No Automatic Backups
Yes 1 Click Install System
1 Hosted Domain
No Contract

£47.40 PER YEAR

Equates to £3.95 p/m

XL Hosting package


For businesses or those with larger websites e.g educational establishments. Comes with automatic backups.

Platform Cloud Hosting
1.5GB Bandwidth Per Hour!
No Limit* Webspace
No Limit* e-mail addresses
No Limit* MySql Databases
Yes Automatic Backups
Yes 1 Click Install System
1 Hosted Domain
No Contract

£107.40 PER YEAR

Equates to £8.95 p/m

L Hosting package


Ideal for those that would like automatic backups or want a little more webspace.

Platform Cloud Hosting
1.5GB Bandwidth Per Hour!
25GB Webspace
10,000 e-mail addresses
10 MySql Databases
Yes Automatic Backups
Yes 1 Click Install System
1 Hosted Domain
No Contract

£65.64 PER YEAR

Equates to £5.47 p/m

UK Hosting from Squirrel Hosting Ltd

Now we all know web hosting companies like to brag and make flashy claims regarding their services. However, here at squirrel hosting, us Sheffield folk believe offering powerful, affordable, quality UK web hosting isn't something you should have as a selling point. These features / services should just be reliable as standard.

Cloud Hosting
Cloud Powered Hosting

All of our hosting packages are cloud based. What does this mean? In short, it means your website has multiple servers it can use to power it. This gives you more reliability, uptime and quicker website speeds. At any given time there are at least 4 servers available to handle your website. This means the user has a huge amount of power to serve their website including 4 web servers, 2 NAS drives and 2 database servers.

Hosting Migration
Free Website Migration + contract compensation!

Confused on how to move from one hosting company to another? Dont worry, we can migrate your website's files and databases over for you free of charge with any of our web hosting packages (Linux M, L and XL). Also, if you are in a contract with your previous host, we will give you the remaining time you have with them on top of your hosting package with us for free (up to a maximum of 6 months).

No Contracts
No Contracts, No Auto Renewals, No payment details stored

Unlike most web hosting companies, we will never store your payment details or auto renew your services. If you decide you no longer need hosting, you simply do not return to pay the renewal fee when it's due. It's that simple, no 30 day cancellation notifications or suprise bills / fines, just straight forward common sense hosting. If you no longer need it, dont renew.

Snapshot Backups
Snapshot Backups (L & XL packages only)

Daily backups are taken of your site's files & databases from the previous 30 days automatically. If for any reason, you need to restore your website, simply choose the date you would like to restore to and voila, our systems will restore your site for you.

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1 click install
Install Scripts with 1 click

Install the internet's most popular scripts with one click! Includes Wordpress, PHPBB, Joomla, Drupal, Zen Cart, OScommerce, PrestaShop, OpenCart and many many more.

99.9% Uptime

Since our servers are carefully managed, we expect your website will stay online 99.9% of the time in any 12 month period.

We do not offer Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited bandwidth is used as a sales ploy by many hosting companies and should be stopped.

When your site loads, it uses a small amount of processing power (CPU) and RAM. Did you know pretty much all companies who offer unlimited hosting have in their T&C that you can't use more than XX% of the processor (or a similar limitation) and when you hit that limit your account is suspended? Scary eh?

Legally, we would be allowed to state our hosting comes with unlimited bandwidth (as many of our competitors do) but it's just not 100% true. We have calculated that approx 1.5GB of bandwidth per hour will use over 5% of the CPU on the server. What does this mean? If you go over 5%, you will be asked to upgrade to a VPS server or we'll explain how you can lower your CPU usage. This principle is the same for most companies offering unlimited bandwidth. The difference with us is that we're being honest about it. That said, to use 1.5GB per hour of bandwidth, you would need an excessive amount of visitors (we don't even use that much!).

The best way to think about the unlimited bandwith sales ploy is to compare it to your car, your car could do unlimited miles (bandwidth) but it couldnt get far without petrol (CPU).

Friendly UK based support

All in house and not outsourced

Speach Mark
Speach Mark

Exactly what you want, great service, great product, and 100% British!

There isn't much more I can say that other people haven't already. The support team is fantastic, the control panel is simple to use and even the webmail client works! In the past I've had a very basic website and used Fasthosts, EZPZ, and GoDaddy, and always seemed to be getting some sort of email from them, offering to sell me X, or telling me there was problem with Y, but if you ever tried to contact them, the responses we're short at best. When I decided to move it again, I was looking for a British based firm (British support), and was advised to look for British based servers, Squirrel appeared whilst searching, and it is without doubt the best decision I've made!

UK company
100% UK Company

We are 100% UK Based. Our Tech support team and our head office are based in the good old steel city of Sheffield and are always available to answer your questions. The datacentre is based in Leeds.

Shared SSL
Free Shared SSL (L & XL packages)

Accept data safely and securely. Our shared SSL comes included with our L and XL hosting packages free.

UK Web Hosting, you get what you pay for!

All hosting companies have a certain amount of resources at their disposal. It is how they use these resources that creates the price difference. For example: two companies offer 6GB of bandwidth, one will cram as many people onto a server as possible whilst the other will have a cap on how many people they want on the server. The one with the cap will usually have a percentage of spare bandwidth to allow for any sudden surge in traffic - the cheaper option won't. This means if suddenly a site gets a massive amount of people visiting it, the server with the cap can use its spare resources to accommodate this, the cheaper server struggles and sometimes crashes / needs rebooting thus your website goes offline/slows down with everyone elses stuck on the server.

So now you know roughly how a server works and how cheap hosting isn't the way forward. At Squirrel Hosting, we use multiple powerful servers (cloud hosting) all working together to make sure your website has the best possible uptime and speed.

* No limit means we won't place a limit on this feature but the amount you use must not affect server performance for other users.

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